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Tennessee the broadcasting then Tennessee players mature they play like my tour players. Okay. They speak like mature players and poor little UK. Wildcats look like skinny little waist up next to the Tennessee players. And I don't. Waving the white flag. Glad to hear. Or Tennessee goes up against Duke and the NC double A. I hope Tennessee beats the sh- not not out of thinking about. Yeah. So. I I don't I can assure you, there's plenty of snuck in to beat out of Duke. There is your sure they're snotty bunch. They're snotty snooty little bunch. They really what I want to say one more thing to out what was going on with the wealth arena crowd to the night. Was there a snowstorm was there? I. Snow at all what why was the crowd? So late in getting in a rising. I tell you what Dr I don't know the answer to that. So I will see if I can find out. Let's go to George our old buddy and Harlan Kentucky Hilo. Hey, you doing though, we are doing great a happy Valentine's Day he and here. Now, my Janos. I see you wanted. I've finally, you know, he was here when I get talked to see. You two getting married. When are you two getting married? I don't know. We really haven't said that yet. Okay. So so you got engaged that would that would mean your. She is your fiance. Yeah. How long have you been? Is. How long have you been engaged? I weighed being he's bad years for how long about a year. Okay. Let me this is known on a duck sprite in let me give you your. Yeah. Yeah. I'm I'm he from home. George. Let me can I talk you out of it. No now, he you and your wife. Hello. I hope I have released it on my we've been married awhile. Yeah. It's my it's my first my last my own my everything. Yeah. Yeah. I know in see is on. But a is he willing to say how oh this is your fiance on the phone here app? How happy Valentine's Day. Hey, there Houria. So I don't know. Hope you didn't hear me talking to to George about you guys getting married. I'll get to watch it after the recording. Okay. Joe case tell me this you you've been engaged for a year. That is is about right. Yeah. How long have you to know each other? How long have you known each other about ally? So I get what we'll make this a theme of the show because it is we only get Valentine's Day once a year is this a special day. Or is this another day? Now, it is a spacial day. So what what I mean do you exchange candy or or what? Yeah. And when you get they leather Steph or you do now now now now now. Hold on a second. I we got kids watch until I don't know if I if I should follow that up by asking about that other stuff. For. It's a good day. We Valentine's Day. Okay. So what is your what is your what is your name gamy? Jane, jamie. Kuker Moselle George caper. Cami Cooper, Jamie Cooper. Do you know db now? I don't know. No by. So Jamie Cooper, and George, and you know, I hope you'll invite me to the wedding. Real. I wait. We just made you one day that would really new fun..

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