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Pierre Thomas with the latest trade talks between the US and China opening on Wednesday. Beijing demand in Washington back off it's sweeping crackdown on telecom while way, which the US charged with stealing tech secrets and violating on sanctions. While had denies it. China says it will firmly defend its companies on orders from President Nicolas Maduro Venezuela's prime Venezuela's Supreme Court barred opposition leader Juan Gabe guide. Oh from leaving the country. He says he's the rightful president in Washington to sit down on getting the Douro out. Then Israel is sure J D fares Carlos Vecchio meeting with vice president Pence thanking the US for its support in overthrowing a president who won't leave. We need to put all the pressure all the pressure that we can do. President Trump obliging by blocking Venezuelan oil imports ABC. Sees Andy Field in Washington. You're listening to ABC news. Richmond's warning us with John Reid. Do you want me to lie to you? What do you think does this audience want ally to make them feel better? Or do you want me to tell you the truth because I get the impression that everybody wants somebody who identifies as conservative to tell you that this wasn't a disaster. I just I I can't tell you that. I think that the president did cave. I think it makes him look terrible. All of this was kabuki theatre. And the president should have known if he was going to double down on this and run his mouth in the Oval Office about how don't worry I'm gonna take it. I'm gonna shut this, Dan. It could be months. It could be a year. If you're not really willing to do that. Then don't say. Mostly agree with you. The blame. The Republicans in the house and the Senate. Unfortunately, I do believe he shaved Trump lost the battle, buddy. Lose the war. Okay. Richmond's news with John Reid on NewsRadio W R V as. And the.

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