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So when one split up, he went to the right and the other one look to the left, and I was like, Wow, I'm in trouble site as they were going to the right. He brandished a gun, and that's when I took cover to the reel of the cruiser because I was opening my door to get out and I was stepping out and pulling my gun at the same time is when he vanished a gun. So I took. I took cover in the back of the cruiser. Just get creased. That's all I was trying to go. You know, Then when I created the space, I I realized, you know, this kid with the gun was going to my right and they kicked my left kind of disappeared so I can watch the kid on my right with a gun and I popped out and we both started shooting each other at the same time. And we started shooting been banking there, bang All of a sudden my gun exploded out of my hand. And I was like, what? What Just happened? It was like, just disbelief is I guess what I could tell you if I didn't know what my gun went and looked in the ground. I could see it on the ground, so I went to pick it up. When I went to pick it up. I get shot in the leg and the right leg. So that's when I kind of took cover when I took cover, I luckily I thought, you know, I was lucky to come check my gun with me. So when I kicked my gun and then drove to my left It was back to the driver's side of my police cruiser and I'm sitting here and I'm like, Oh, this is gonna go to try to pick it up and I realized at that point, I couldn't even use my hands because I got shot in the hand and the finger. It's taken the top of my finger off with a round. And I had already been shot twice. And I didn't even know it at this point, because I was just looking for my God. You know what I mean? So crazy Adrenaline rush. Whatever you want to call it, you know, So I'm already been shot three times. You know when my hand went through the arm and one leg So I thought I'd have picked up my gun, My hands too damaged and we're trying to figure out why my hand is damaged. I'm trying to figure out why my you know my my gun's not working and it's broken and I'm just sitting there going. Wow. You know. All of a sudden bang, bang bang. I shot here around and I start to get hit again and hit me in the legs. Because we're we're his position was he could only probably see my legs. I guess so. He started shooting me in the leg, so I got a couple of times in my left leg. And I kind of went down a little closer was trying to pull myself in because I didn't know where the valves coming from. I could just assume they were coming from all the head. So I try to keep my head down. And then all of a sudden I get bang. I got hit real hard in the eye. You like a punch in the not a punch in the face with the back of the head hit me in the left corner of my eye, fracturing. You know all the bone on the side of my head and the bullet splintered into my eye and took my restaurant. And so I'm I'm bleeding pretty bad out of my eye. And I'm kind of like I'm really knocked down. I'm hurt. I can see the blood for DNA. And I'm just like, Wow. What is happening here? And I'm thinking I'm a dead man. You know, I said, this guy's gonna kill me. You know? Well, it's the show that the shooting has stopped, and now it's violence, and I'm kind of like, Where is a you know he's gotta be behind. He's going to take me out. Little did I know I see. You know, Hubcap was the next thing I see And it's my back up, and then they had showed up. So he had him where he was reloading is what was happening. Why it was silent was because he was on the top of my cruiser on the late bar kneeling down, trying to reload the gun to keep shooting me when my when the backup started to arrive. So he decided to jump off the Congo down the street got apprehended down the street and another gunfight with another officer. So I had shot him a couple of times. While we were doing, you know when we are engaged in shooting each other, you know, I had shot him. He had shot me. Um But you know, it's all said and done, you know, he got caught about 100 feet down the street and You know, from the time that I called up and said that I was off That you know if the jewelry store too the time my backup arrives with 14 seconds Unbelievable. You know, was kind of one of those scientists entity of Lost vision in your left eye. Right. So you know, I mean, I know it took me 10 minutes to tell you the story of 14 seconds, You know, let me tell you, it had it needed to be heard with either of these guys. They still in prison. I mean, obviously the guy who shot you that he should be in prison for the rest of his life. But, yeah, you know that. I know, but we're in Massachusetts. Remember so S. So what happened was just a legend Quickly before people involved with two girls and two guys. Okay, girls with OK and I'm the one that got you into muscles because in the jewelry store, you have to get buzzed in. Like an apartment complex. Let's say, and the door's locked 24 7 So once she waved and got them in, the two guys ran in, and she went back down to the getaway car, and they drove away and went down the street. So those two girls they get caught later. Well, All three get caught later. The only one that got caught at the scene was was the shooter because he got shot. Again down the street. After I saw him, he went down and engaged in another police officer who shot him. Four more times, So you know he's not in jail for life is only in jail for 25 years. And you know the truth and sentenced sentencing that they tell you about a lie because he gets to earn a week a month. For good, You know, for being a good guy in jail. You know, the girls are already out. The girl's only did six years. What happened? What happened? The other guy? So the other kids ran. He They all played out, so he'll he got 20 to 25 years and then the other kids, the shooter. He got 25 to 30. So he is. I don't know when he's due out, because who knows what would You know what he's you know already? I mean, he's probably done 10 already. He's probably looking at 55 or six years and he'll be out at the most. Yeah, exactly. You know, I mean, it's pretty sad. You get to two police officers heroes amongst us. You've just listened to Bob DiNapoli from mover and a harrowing story. Mario Olivera from Somerville. The purpose tonight is to make people understand a little more, um, fully the danger of this job. If you'd like to call and ask a question or offer a word of thanks or support or gratitude. 617 to 5 for 10 30 Triple 89 to 9 10 30 These are the people who defend us and who protect us and who serve us put their life on the line. As both of these men did everyday they went to work. But each on a particular day. Their life hung in the balance. 617 to 5 for 10 30 Triple 89 to 9 10 30 side with Dan Ray Don't BZ, Boston's news radio. WeII made use a insurance for members like.

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