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If needed the brewers pad Canley Janson is now throwing the dodgers, Pat. Just in case the dodgers would tied up here at the bottom of the night. So the dodgers down to their final hour four nothing. Milwaukee bases loaded two down the pitch and a breaking ball in for a strike all at on. I think the guy that scares me more than Brian dosier, Brian dosier, keep this ending alive. Keep aligned moving the guy on deck. Chris taylor. He that they're swinging. Big time. Big swing. Can hurt you as well. With a long shift on for the brewers a lot of room on the right side of the inferior video on all the way at a swing at a ball. Popped up foul back out of play. And now it's in to the dodgers are down to their final strike. If there is any wavering of confidence with the Jeremy Jeffress, he does not give it away singing with his facial expression on the mound. He still looks the same out there. He's always got kind of a scowl on his face when he's on the mound. And we see it again tonight. The one strike away. Staring at a crafts dosier in the box spaces loaded. Dodgers. Four nothing. Jefferson. That's. The oh to down and away taken by dosier for ball want. One ball to strikes. It seemed like a very comfortable lead for Milwaukee. Sudas RCA hit the home run at especially when a hater came into the game. But it's not quite so comfortable right now, even though they are just a strike away. One bowl to strikes dosier waiting at a pitch a fastball strike free. All he froze with a ninety seven mile an hour heater over the outside corner. Jeffress manages to.

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