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Welcome back to America in the morning 14 after AccuWeather dot com, meteorologist Matt Benz has the forecast. AccuWeather will continue to monitor the risk for severe thunderstorms for today as a slow moving storm slogs across the central portions of the U.S. here for today. We are watching for the risk for thunderstorms from the dakotas southward to Texas here for today though that risk for severe thunderstorms will generally occur here for this afternoon through this evening from South Dakota, southward through Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma, our main concern will be the risk for heavy rainfall as well as a risk for damaging wind gusts and even a tornado in spots. This system will continue to impact the region again through this evening. Farther to the north and west, there will be rain falling across the front range of the Rocky Mountains, locations such as Denver will need to watch for the risk for flash flooding and rain as far north as a high plains of Montana. Today, the system will include some showers and thunderstorms across Texas for today, though that risk for heavy rainfall will be lower compared to recent days at its good news for areas that were hit hard with rain over the last couple of days, especially across southeast Texas. Then there will be some showers and even some rumbles of thunder across the southeast U.S. today through the Florida Peninsula, some of those storms could be on the heavy side as well with torrential rainfall. Otherwise quiet on the West Coast and much of the east coast, so it's under shower can not be ruled out here for this afternoon across portions of New England. Otherwise looking at pleasant conditions across much of the mid Atlantic. And again, dry across West Coast as well, dry conditions from California, all the way through Washington state. That's weather across America, sunny and comfortable today in Washington D.C. with a high of 82. In Oklahoma City, for today watching for the risk for severe thunderstorms this afternoon, storms can bring the risk for hail and damaging winds as well as a tornado, along with the risk for heavy rainfall, temperatures today in the 80s. That's the nation's weather. Now, 16 after I'm John trout, this is America in the morning. Although it's stalled for weeks, Missouri lawmakers passed two bills that would ban transition care for transgender youth and ban

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