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Channel 80. So can you lose the game and win a game? I want how much that will be talking when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys, because a lot of the conversation with the fact that they did not get blown out the only lost by two points of the town Bay Buccaneers with a perfect way with a game like that King of the 2021 NFL season. Let's talk to a former cowboy count football. All American also accountable Hall of Famer. He's now the host of Tony Casillas. Show Podcast. He is the Tony cast serious. Hit him on Twitter. TC Williams joining us here. Thanks to the good your hotline, Tony. I laid it out there in terms of the Cowboys loss. But they did win because a lot of people thought they were going to get blown up by Tampa Bay, where all your thoughts of what we saw last night from the Cowboys and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Well, I think that's the problem right there. And we get over this moral victory syndrome, you know? Look, I think I think everyone expected, uh, you know, obviously Tampa Bay to come out and when this game, but I think everyone wants to see this version of the Dallas Cowboys. And I think they had a chance to win at the very end. Unfortunately, you're playing someone like Tom Brady can. That's what you know That's what the guy does He he wins games. Um to me. I think I want to see more than that, Freddie. I want to see the narrative be more this team can compete this year, and the national perception of this is that they can win big games like that, Albeit it was the first game this season. It was a tremendous start to the NFL season. But that's kind of where we're at with the Dallas Cowboys. Yeah, it was a moral victory. They didn't have bone out. Um And so I guess that's a win. If you want to look at that way, But last time I checked the Cowboys of 001 so Not for me. I don't want to see that. But, Tony, we would can you at least take? I mean, there were questions. Jack Prescott leg was last time we saw him was hanging the other way in a game, right? Uh, he had a shoulder problem. You know this this summer and now you see him go out there. How impressed were you with what you saw and Whether any concerns with him going forward of what you were able to see in the opener. Yeah, I think I think there was some questions, no doubt about it. And then not by any means. Am I saying that when you play the defending champions to have a fight that you did that That's not going to help you carry on the season. I just think that that's kind of where this mode has been the last 25 years of this team. I mean, your point about Dak, I think everyone was. All eyes are on deck. When the ball down 22 years on 22 yard line. He connects with Mark Cooper for 28 yard pass, And we're like, okay? Banana just kind of became a seven on seven gave me through the ball 50 times. And so I think the questions are answered about Dax health Because, look, I mean, they abandoned the running game. Both teams did And yet, you know, Dad put up. You know, some tremendous numbers, three touchdown passes and threw for over 400 yards, So I think that kind of quiet at all the The people that really just we're questioning his health going into the season. Tony Casillas from a cowboy joining us in Freddie Fitzsimmons with John Brennan, I'm Freddie Coleman and ESPN radio. The ESPN app and suits and channel 80 hit Tony on Twitter at T. C. You can see is one thing that a lot of people did not talk about. Maybe they talk about a little bit. I didn't have a problem. The Dallas Cowboys trying to run or maybe not trying to run. I know Ezekiel Elliott got 11 carries for a little bit more than 30 yards. I would not have minded to see a little bit more in terms of I know the Tampa run defense is really good. But maybe given a couple of extra carries, maybe get into a little bit of a rhythm than Dak Prescott does not have to throw almost 60 passes. Tony, What are your thoughts on that? Well, I know is the number 21 in the game. People are going to isolate a key on him. I think as a defensive Yeah, defensive unit That's when he's in the game. They're going to try to get into football. And to your point, Freddy. Tampa Bay is a tremendous front. Uh, I think Dallas obviously would have liked to run the ball a little bit more, but I don't know about you. But this is kind of the theory that I'm on with three preseason games, No hitting I think some of these teams are just going to come out and kind of feel the way around. So cable not going to run the ball if we got a really good quarterback, and we're going to try to throw, throw the ball around and really just kind of loosen things up, but not really get into what you would call that season. Physicality running football when I'm saying that I mean, the Cowboys have to be able to run the football, I mean they were out with one of the best offensive line. Um and, uh, Jack Martin, But yet they were able to keep that clean all game long. So I have no problem with that. Hey, look, it's it's attacking any quarterback and put up the numbers. He did. Especially for the fancy. Uh, owner of that, Prescott. You're all about him going 30 to 54. Whatever it was shit, right? So, um, Hey, I ever you can do it, but I think you know, running the football to me. It's It's all about what you can do and manufacturing offense, and I think right away that felt like look, Dak, we're we're paying you the big money to do what you did, and ultimately most on the game. It's you know, it's funny. You say that because I cover the Giants, and that's what they pay me for. And yeah, man, Who's Patrick Grammars, the defensive coordinator. He was saying that recently. How, um Did he think he's worried about most is their run defense because they just haven't had an opportunity to get ready for that. I hadn't really It didn't really click in until you say that. Maybe that's just how teams are going to approach this. This new NFL that we're in where they basically don't work in the spring as much training camp isn't the same, that running game, maybe he is going to be shoved. That's a really good point. But for the Cowboys purposes You. You know you're a defensive guy. You look at the defensive guy right that side of the ball. That was a huge question with the cowboy Just this year. Their defense was terrible last year. Is it going to be better? Is it going to be decent? How confident are you going forward after what you saw in this game from that unit? Well, they have three takeaways. There's you look at some of statistics and that game and the Cowboys statistically should have won the game. But they didn't unfortunate playing number 12, but, um Yeah, I think that that's the also the big the question coming to the season. They look they don't have to do They were like almost dead last and every quarter in the National Football League last year, so we just want to gauge and see where they're at early on in the new defensive coordinator and one of the things that Dallas has not been overdue. It's great takeaways, and I got three last night, albeit it wasn't Really? Maybe it wasn't from their their undoing, but it was more or less. You know what Tampa they did, And but still they got the ball and they got it back. So I think we're going to be better. Hey, look, you know if they can be middle of the pack, I think Dallas can have a chance to win some games unlike last year and that's all they want, and that's the competition and just be able to create opportunities and Wow. I mean, last year was very, very hard to endure and watch. No doubt about that. Constable Hall of Fame, also host of the Tony Casillas show podcast Tony Casillas from an NFL player joining us on Friday Fitzsimmons on ESPN radio. He's joined Rananim, Freddie Coleman..

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