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Org forward slash missing types or call one eight hundred Red Cross to make your donation appointment today. It's the summer of fun. At talk Honda on the auto mile route one in Norwich wherever you go this summer getting there is more funding. Brand new Bach Honda. At Faulk Honda, we have everything you're looking for a car. You want a model you want with the options. You want all legendary low Bach onto prices, Lisa. Brand new twenty nineteen Honda. HR V, L tax with all wheel drive for just ninety nine dollars a month for twenty four months with only twenty nine hundred cash or trade down at trite only ninety nine dollars per month or buy a brand new HR V, and get on care are credible twenty year two hundred thousand mile warranty for complete details, Kanda dot com. Start your summer of fun at conduct a number one Honda dealer in sales in New England on the auto mile route one in Norwich. Come on down. Two thirty nine on WBZ time now for a weekend edition of Bloomberg business. Plenty of services will deliver your groceries but how many offer to put them away about ability to take something from just being a delivery to your home actually taking things that need to be temperature controlled, and getting them directly into your refrigerator is a pretty unique service as service that WalMart plans to offer this fall and three tests cities, Bloomberg intelligence, retail analyst Jennifer Bartoshuk says Amazon is the only company quipped to compete with that with regards to groceries. I think that's really the advantage at WalMart has Amazon dot com. Does have in home delivery, mostly for just packages, and that could contain dry groceries, but it's really not geared towards their fresh service at this time when Amazon does have is the technology that makes it possible. Amazon has the ability to do the innovation around smart, keys, and smart access to homes walmarts in home delivery, will require smart home hardware, so staffers can get into unpacked, the groceries when the. The customer isn't home. The workers will also sport where we'll cameras. I'm Jessica summers, Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston. Newsradio to forty on WBZ the case against Massachusetts woman charged with murder after the remains of three infants were founded or squatter toll is now in the hands of a judge prosecution and defense attorneys, presenting their closing arguments Friday in the case against Derek Murray who'd been charged in the deaths of two of the babies. We get more now from WBZ's Karyn regal defense attorney, Keith helper, and says Murray is a victim of her longtime boyfriend Ray Rivera, he presented mental health experts. You said Murray was not capable of being a good mother and didn't understand what has seen her hopes want..

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