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Com w b A P first traffic and weather on the ones 6 35 on the westbound sign around Skillman. Aw, Delia, that problem starting to keep things heavy. Looks like back toward about Garland Road. So do keep that in mind the one International Parkway north south, their field drive. Looks like it may have cleared up. Things are definitely moving better through that stretch. We do have a new rec reported. Now, this could be south side of Arlington is moving to Fort Worth 20 westbound right around Green notes. It looks like there's a wreck. That one is starting to stack things up just a little bit back towards Kelly Elliott. With W B A P first traffic on the ones I'm Monte Cook Classic Chevrolet. Relax, Enjoy the difference. Classic Chevrolet and Grapevine knows you like buying to be easy. That's why they created the classic pass online Buying to visit classic Chevrolet Com to get started find new roads enjoy. Meteorologist Brad Barton. In the W B A P Weather center. We're gonna have some a fairly routine weather for this time of year. Couple of degrees below normal as far as afternoon highs because of humidity and some cloud, but not much in the way of rain 91 for the high Today 75 for the low Tonight 92 to 93 tomorrow Thursday Friday and even Saturday highs will be in the lower nineties. We could see some isolated showers and storms any afternoon today through Friday, mostly a dry day on Friday and then better chance of rain by Sunday. Right now, W B A P 75 degrees news brought to you by Texas home improvements and new spray, a longtime Texas senator will not run for re election of Nelson's legislative accomplishments was the successful push for voter support of $3 billion in state bonds create the Cancer Research and Prevention Institute of Texas in 2000 and seven in Conjunction with cyclist and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong. In 2019. Voters supported the renewal of the institute, and it was given another three billion. The former teacher also worked for the return of physical education to public schools. Kim Lampkin is W B A P NEWS Texas House Democrats are calling for a public hearing on some controversial GOP backed election bills.

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