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But that's like veal. You know what I mean so this location would later be called decamp of death finally finally a good name so the made from the bodies did not met last that much longer and they began eating their shoes. What wait a minute who goes human human does shoe you go shoot a human what the fuck well that was? You're probably eat the other things we could since Patrika the teenager dead and in us our shoes it really go for another Patrick. Though of course we all right. We're not doing it. Let's dive Retro Causes Now. Everyone ate their shows. Not the Nike all right so much suggested killing and eating their to native American guides Luis Listen Salvador by the weight of course of course of course white people like should we eat the navigation should be crazy but another man was appalled by this and he warned the to native Americans who ran away into the forest there we go. We've got a real win-win that guys the next to get eaten by the way Lewis Lips eat dips Louis from a nearby Milwaukee village but a few days later they keep wandering and they find Luis and Salvador dying in the snow the guy who the first guy who suggested they should eat people shot them without hesitation and then they sliced allies and dried Luis and Salvador packing meat packing January seventeenth the snowshoeing group eating a lot of people on January seventeenth snowshoe group reached Lewis Listen Salvador's Milwaukee village. Oh no hey we haven't seen them. I have your son right here. The they were so thin the Milwaukee thought they were ghosts and ran away by the way right move entirely a. r. and run yes always run from white people yeah for sure white people but they show up gaunt and fully your friends take off. Hey No we're not the regular assholes we're desperate so soon they realized that these were starving people and they actually cared for them until some recovered. They didn't have much mostly just had a cornbread but they shared it with these people have been eating friends at shoes. They'll take corn bread after week. Take to native Americans led William Eddie to Johnson's ranch which is about fifteen miles away the settlers at Johnson's ranch were absolutely horrified lied when they saw Eddie and they quickly formed a party to go help they followed Eddie's bloody footprints to the ME Walk Village and this is very clear actually it's a clear path very clear we call this group.

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