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What are your thoughts on these products. That you see. What are your thoughts on these properties that you're hearing when are these are thoughts. These apostles on properties is that popping up everywhere. And that's what you see their names. Apostle prophet prophet is and i. I take some time to listen to some and sometimes just to hear what they have to offer am tired of hearing nothing. I'm tired of hearing not hearing a word from god's word that makes sense not hearing anything that is a life changing Situation nothing that can pinpoint a narrow down what your life is what you need to do. In order to walk in. God's righteousness. All i hear is the naturally general if somebody's having eighty somebody's having somebody diabetes. Somebody says the somebody broke a leg. Somebody's son is in prison. Listen we could it a million times for the day and that is that's not how profits were offense. That's what swedes. And convinces you that. The profit among us and i think that we are a little bit too narrow in our thinking you back on recorded. Some scriptures from is equally amos amos eight nine robots one seach romance to five number sixteen thirty two all. Those are historic events is story events that he used to justify these three days of darkness. If prophecy aren't fulfilled from now one might say god give long-term prophesying. yes he does. He has given long-term purposes but when he gives long-term prophecies it is for a purpose. God will not bring darkness up on the world because people are seeing his name and he's any of these in and shambling on walking on my blood slow as clearing my name on walking over my blood god. God said i don't want to do this. I don't really want to what i'm forced guessing said god's at him and i'm forced to display my. I really don't want leave. But i'm full display my rock my friends if you know god and if you know what god's words teach and if you know god's righteousness and if you know that god will not destroy the registered the wicked in a general sense now..

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