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More than I did indeed inherit giles. Giles was a I think. Originally an intern there Although he would probably deny that but he was certainly a junior accounts executive but very ambitious and and certainly trying to make his mark early on and I distinctly remember him going off to Atlanta for the Olympic Games there on behalf of the on behalf of dust and doing a doing a typical Morgan job claiming credit for for all the great successes whilst the rest of the team were. Were back sweating away. No Jolson Nice. It wasn't quite Steve. Martin was that right deep. Steve was running. The whole body does account. Then EP think in those days I need us was we were billing. Probably A MILLION. A year in the united us in good years just belong clients in a utterly extraordinary. I mean my agency is only modestly bigger than that now. It's extraordinary to think most how you didn't so that was sort of what we just. P R I D. That's Predator would have been at that time we just before I arrived so I came in on the back of the huge success of the launch evaldas pregnant and that was an amazing calling card for the sports division for us to be able to go and present those credentials to insult twelve year. Mostly at that point. He was scary for me because obviously he was a bit of a bit of a guru that in the if you like in the consumer PR sports world. And I'd come in from sponsorship agencies so notice respect to Stephen his team I detected a degree of surprise and modest animosity towards me that I'd come in from outside the PR industry to take over sports division. When I think he felt and others felt perhaps he should have been running that division. Just saying how long did did he hanging around him? That was then went to the to catch him. He then he then left. I think he went in house to Ati for a while and then moved onto the back into the agency weld and the rest of his stellar career. Is there for all to see? And it's brilliant to say it. Because he he. He's a charismatic. Bright Creative Guy who I think. He's worked incredibly hard for the success. He's got your car lovely gesture. So let's let's just just jump get to the next bit which on linked in which is obviously my main source of research. It goes from your noten into J. J. T. I remember but there is. That feels like it sort of masking a few moves that true yeah. I think it's deliberate. But it's just that I've never really got my My head run linked him promptly but yes from Hidden Alton. I had rather strange period at bell. Pottinger where Timbo Lord Bell that was Wanted someone to come in and take over a sports marketing company that he had bought Michael Humphreys and partners so I was brought in to to work as managing director and try and turn it around into a really big profitable sports marketing sports. Pr Agency which was harder than much harder than anyone Realize it was going to be an an. I didn't enjoy. It was a tough time. The good thing about it was a hit a Knowlton. I work on. The Is See Crisis Management Salt Lake City. I also worked on the Athens Olympic bid and at Bell Pottinger through Lord Bells Connection to Rupert Murdoch We were asked by the Chinese government to help them out with the Beijing. Two Thousand Eight Olympic bid so actually my Olympic credentials began to grow further and having worked onto successful bids and crisis management. I I left Bell Pottenger. Pretty much. You know enamored with what the Olympic well could bring in. That's partly how we got into where we all now. So the bidding only interested in bidding thing is that it's all world to itself but what's it like being in those rooms with with because let should we. Should we use the London two thousand twelve campaign as Liang's to get into this a lot? People were no lost. You're on the Paris side and you had mightly in Vero on the on the London side and that was so that framed of it. That was a bit of Charlie. Sale was very fond of that sort of you know he was very keenum writing those sorts of stories. They were yeah. I mean to be fair as a Brit obviously I left bell passenger freelance in around two thousand two and at that time two thousand to two thousand and three the London. Twenty twelve paid was really coming together. Craig Redial SA- Craig. Reedie was really getting things going with a number of other key stakeholders government and son Richard Cable and and so it was definitely moving towards a formal bid and I was really keen to pick them up as a client. I remember once having lunch with Craig. Reedie Debbie Jevans and a Daily Telegraph Olympic correspondent. Iain Macleod the Stingier Club Craig's Club. And he he said I want u-3 working on London bit while one of them made. It was Debbie and the other two. Didn't I when Barbara Cassani was appointed? I went to her and Craig introduce me to her and she told me. I'd have to wait at least a year until the communications director have been appointed in to pitch to him because he wasn't her choice to to hire me as as a consultant. So I am. I didn't wait I waited I would've been having to me. I would have had to gone to might leave for application to be a consultant. I didn't know Mike very well at that time anyway. He was UEFA but I just couldn't wait. I needed that. Olympic bidding work and pirates. Were only too happy to take A Brit onto to help them and what was the what was it like. Yeah Gay just going back to that that. What's the job really when you when you boil it down the job of a bid committee or of people like me people are well? We're I and now. Jt We're a bit of a hybrid because we offer clients communications consultancy so traditional public relations as sort of whatever it's B. Two B. B. Business to consumer but we also offer international relations. And we're probably the first agency that has set up with a dedicated international relations practice. That is the advice and guidance to help cons influence people want to one all through some people. Call it through lobbying in effect. We like the Public Affairs of Sports. So we have this sort of public relations adamant and a public offense element to to what we do. And we try and create an integrated strategy to influence stakeholders in the Olympic worlds to move in the direction our clients want and if it's a bid city that's moving them towards a vote to moving them towards voting for one city ahead of another all one person campaigning for office over another person campaigning. For an office. So there's plenty of work in the world because it is immensely political and what other sorts of incentives levers that you realistically can pull because we got those. Two things populations in public affairs. One feels like building fame. Your inner the media is constituency the public affairs. It's the other way as your your one to one. It's one to one conversations knowing how to handle those conversations who to have those conversations with how to how to influence them in the right way. The public relations side is what we call the mood music. If the move music and a great restaurant is is good. You don't really notice. It just adds to the positive ambulance but you sure do not if there isn't any or if it's poor Obama and so getting public relations right will never win you votes but it will help in the general mood music of of the more direct campaigning. What was the music than running into the Singapore run into that London Paris decision? Well the Paris had not run a communications campaign today. Despite our best advice that they had a way of doing things. There was a lot of self belief that they were in good shape. They had just come off the back of an Olympic day a month before going to Singapore a month or so before going to Singapore where they close the whole And gave us sort of a common try out? Every Olympic sport opportunity for the Public. They had up to a million people on day and it went all the way from the art. The trump to plastic concord. I'm beyond and was an extraordinary site front page of the Financial Times. Have US run that event. I think it was an extraordinary sites. And it was on BBC World. It was CNN front page of Financial Times. It really was a a great way to go into Singapore. Think they were confident. I think they were super confident that they were in good shape but reality was they hadn't done the work on the public aside they they did not put in the miles in the Hawk graph to win the votes That would necessary and London absolutely nailed it on the those going the extra mile to win those votes and the whole way they handled that. Singapore campaign probably resulted in a swing of up to six seven members which was more than enough for them to win off of a what size constituency in all one hundred fifteen in those things around that so it was. It was an way you mean you told with Mike. Lee does not starting not starting there now that that happened much earlier locking horns might so when might became the COMMS director of London and I was sort of quietly behind the scenes Working out of the pirates office people like Charlie Sale. They absolutely love the fact that there were these two Charleena say to titans were at war with each other now. He loved it and Listen to this. I should do impressions so Charlie loved the fight that they were to Brits and for him that became much more fascinating story and other is always followed a bit of Charlie's lead on that but the the the advantage for me was new journalists So People Adrian Warner were coming through and Mountain Ziegler and People like Erskine McCullough. They you know the old. Afp Olympic journalists. The you know these people have had known for a long time so it wasn't as if you know Mike had an easy ride and he knew I was able to brief them comfortably in reasonably easily overbearing. And so it becomes a bit a bit of a battle over the winning hearts and minds of British media sort of shaped certainly on the media side at that point the perception of What the beating world is. I never quite sure how is always painted. Lucky quiet rooms and we made people sort of being arm wrestled all being charmed. What was it like what what? How do you go about trying to change? Someone's mind about well. I think to be fair. It is very different now compared to say the Beijing biddle. The Athens bathing. Things have moved on But it is still the autism persuasive communications whether it's influencing in through what they read and hear about in the media.

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