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I guess i mean you know. My my brother pointed out on twitter. You know now with the polar ice caps melting and the president trying to shut down the postal service. I think we owe kevin costner a big apology. Because he kinda called a couple of things in those movies and what was really tragic about those two movies back to back. Was the movie he made after. That is a movie. A western called open range. Which is a legitimately brilliant oscar. Were the film. But because cabinet. The name kevin costner had become this shorthand for a boy. No one went and saw it. And it's a it's a fucking brilliant movie. Yeah that's a good call. And he goes. He directed that one. He directed it. It's a great story. Like nonstop great performances. He's great in it. Duval's great annette. Benning is great. And it's just nonstop good right and but at the timer was like. Oh god another kevin costner. I can't and it's too bad because that was really really good. So segue into maybe not quite as ambitious failures You're doing this thing for her. Shout factory which is kind of like a movie marathon coming up right. I'm doing a twelve hour. That's again look. There's a lot of things that i miss. Because of the shutdown because of coronavirus everyone has personal things. I'm sure that they miss people. Miss you know getting to go to concerts. People miss getting to be out in a park all day. And just you know all that fun stuff but Or or going to a sporting event. I miss going to movies. I miss going to movies and especially this year. Halloween on a saturday night with the next day is sunday with an extra hour. The allnight marathons this year. Could have been epic and we missed all of them. So i tried to recreate that feeling. And i picked Shout factory really. Let me go deep into their volts. And they were they were. They were weirdly non-judgmental about what i picked. I pick someones. That are genuinely entertaining. Got penelope sirius' suburbia in there. I've got eat my dust. Which is a very underrated roger. Cormon rip off of smoking. The bandit where it was that there was that window the seventies where Safety was not a thing that was considered with stunt. They just basically kind of said. Let's fill miss and then everyone if anyone dies let's just run. Let everyone bolt. We don't have anyone here so there's some stunts in there's a stunt by the way in. There's early steven spielberg film. Called the sugarland. Express ms stunt at the end. Where a guy on top of a news van gets knocked with a car it said and if you watch that seems like i think that guy like broke. His pelvis like it looks. He goes down so hard and ugly and at the time. Just like i'm giving fifty dollars. Keep quiet But so there's eat my dust but then in the middle of it. Despite all these fund bad films i have. I did pick one called shriek of the mutilated because there has to be always in the movie marathon. There's got to be that one movie. Where the fascination is in watching that nothing fucking works like nothing works in this movie. They actually went for something they didn't even have. They didn't even have ambition to do anything great and they still couldn't even get there and there's something kind of beautiful about it took a while it is a my friend. nathan raman. He's a movie writer and pop culture critic. He has a term called The shitty miracle where a like look you can. Even great films have a couple of moments that don't quite work. Even should he films will have a moment. That works really. Oh wow but then every now and then a movie comes fucking nothing works. And that's actually really hard to pull off. And so when you see that like shriek of the mutilated on god. Damnit gotta give some credit and it's beautiful. I met you have really filled in. I'm familiar with some of these but most of these. Frankly i i consider myself a decent center filed but i kick myself for not never seen cue for instance i've heard about all dude q. The wing serpent is talking fascinating. That was to larry. Cohen film Rod and he was working on another roger corman film he got fired and so he wrote this movie in two days in his get his hotel room furniture two days or something cranked out. It is it is one of the dumbest claymation monster movies ever made with one of the best performances i've ever seen in a movie. Michael moriarty does the most intense method acting performance. You've ever seen I mean it will. It will blow you away. And there's a famous story where They showed the movie it showed. It can not in the prestige part of canvas another part the international filmar where you just show up like can i just sell this to singapore and make some money back that i spent so they screened at cannes and rex raid was on the audience. For some reason. I guess it was an afternoon. He had and he and he comes out of the theater and our cough sam's club is there and he's like i can't what is going on. You've got this amazing. Michael moriarty performance in the middle of all this drac and then goes drek was my i d like he was so proud of themselves. There's something so great about so. Yeah and i end. I end the marathon on that because that.

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