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Your guest host Connie Willis yeah you've got it tuned in to coast to coast AM and that's right I am Connie Willis and we are doing open lines they're so much fun and we are the people that are up right now now those of you that enjoy a coast to coast that we'll hear this on an archived session well you know that's why you are echoes insider because maybe you just can't stay awake this long. yep I know a lot of you are morning people I'm not and thank goodness you are and thank goodness we have something where you can become a coast insider and you can hear it later and you can do that it's only fifteen cents a day this podcast downloads for you you can listen to all our past shows and you can listen to what we have done tonight and what we still have yet to do tomorrow when you're bright eyed and bushy tail which will be early and those of us that are here right now we'll be sound asleep and a great R. E. M. going right. well it's live or on demand to become a coast insider you're gonna love all that yeah all the choices that you get because the audio streams are all delivered in high quality you can listen on your computer you can take it on the go with your mobile device and you also get you know right boom direct access to George nori himself can also be a part of the chats and talking to special guest on the chats I've been on there a couple times to that's been fun I can't type as quickly as you guys can that's why talk. but it is so it's a little tough to do that people are like did you hear the question no yes I am I'm still trying to type but you can download the past shows as well I think you're gonna like it if you are one of those people that happen to fall asleep and you know someone that happens to fall asleep during the show it's certainly not because it's boring no that's never the case nope it's just late and we understand and that's why we put it together so to join up and learn more go to coast to coast AM dot com..

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