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Biden's election win the new york times reports. Mr hodgkin's told judge randolph. Moss had he was remorseful for breaking into the capital calling it a foolish decision in court papers. The times writes his attorney. Invoked abraham lincoln's words saying that judge moss had a chance to show malice toward none and charity toward all by foregoing prison. time entirely. But the court suggested that would simply encourage future attacks and noted yesterday that hodgkin's brought goggles and a pair of gloves with him to the capitol as if prepared for conflict. The court said hodgkin's deserved less than eighteen months. Prosecutors requested because he didn't assaulted anyone and didn't damage government property. Willie let's bring it. Nbc four washington investigative reporter scott mcfarland. He's been covering the sentencing and plea bargain hearings for those charged for their participation in the capital attacks. Scott it's good to see you this morning. So let's talk first about this case. The one meeker just laid out. Mr hodgkin's a thirty eight year old man from florida who was inside the capitol inside the chamber boldly invoking lincoln's second inaugural asking for mercy. Asking i charity. The judge said no. This would set a bad precedent giving eight months which is a little bit less obviously than prosecutors had hoped for. What's the precedent that we see said. In this case this is really the first big test case will get a lot of people. Don't like the score. Paul hodgkin's got less than what the prosecutors were seeking it his case eight months versus the eighteen requested by prosecutors. He told the judge yesterday that what he did was foolish that it was not inspired by politicians and even set willie that joe biden is the rightfully elected president of the united states but he was angling to avoid any prison. His attorney argued. If you send paul hodgkins to prison he loses his job. He loses his home. He'll have trouble caring for his cats. The judge didn't go for that the prosecutors said in this powerful willie that what hodgkin's did was a part of a domestic terror incident that day and the judge remarked that what happened was so extraordinary that congress had to evacuate its own chambers because of what hodgkinson net mob did but talking to former federal prosecutors. Say when the judge goes that far below the recommended sentence it could lower the bar in other cases because they do strive willie for uniformity in federal sentencing. And in fact the judge rejecting this idea that we've heard for many of these other people been arrested saying i was just following the crowd. If i'd known it was going to get this out of hand. I wouldn't have gone in the first place the judge saying yesterday at least in this case perhaps in the future. That's no excuse for what you did. Scott let me ask you about this question of competency and maybe you can explain a little bit. We're hearing some of these defendants talking about competency whether they're fit to stand trial. Tell us about some of them and what that explanation is what may happen to them. Let me tell you about two of them. Willie i pauline. Bauer restaurant owner in pennsylvania. While paul hodgkin's was being sentenced her hearing was ongoing and it went off the rails. Bauer is trying to represent herself in her case and she told the judge yesterday. She's a sovereign citizen and not subject to the court's authority or authority. So that kind of detoured. The hearing she was talking over the judge. The judge was correcting her. The judge will allow her to defend herself. She's back in court in september. Let's see what happens next. Also want to tell you about land and coppola. He's a military veteran locked up in a local jail in utah awaiting his competency hearing. I spoke to him by phone from his jail cell. He is still trying to get his competency exam to move forward in his case. He says the government is slow. Walking leaving him languishing in jail for months. Now we'll see where that goes but just another hurdle willie in an already large the largest criminal investigation and prosecution in us history so much still to play out here but we have this first sentencing of eight months. we'll see if that becomes the standard nbc four washington investigative reporter scott mcfarland scott. Thanks so much good to see. House minority leader kevin mccarthy announced his picks worry select committee charged with investigating the january six capital attack. They include congressman. Jim banks of indiana will serve as ranking member congressman. Jim jordan of ohio rodney davis of illinois kelley armstrong of north dakota and troy nehls a freshman from texas three of those republicans banks jordan nails previously voted to overturn the results of the november election. You gotta mix from the entire conference jacket. Rings saying he did not speak to. Donald trump. mccarthy's choices still need to be approved by house speaker. Nancy pelosi but she is not signaled. Any plans to turn down any of those choices below announced her own appointments to the panel earlier this month including republican congresswoman liz. Cheney these select committee is scheduled to hold its first hearing next week. Witnesses will include officers from the us capitol police department and the dc metropolitan police department. Let's bring in white house reporter for the associated press jonathan lear pulitzer prize winning columnist associate editor of the washington post and msnbc political analyst. Eugene robinson former senior adviser for the house oversight committee kirk bartonella. He's a columnist for usa today and the l. a. times and an advisor to the d triple c. Good morning to all of you. Jonathan let me start with you. So kevin mccarthy was going to nod to the base. We knew that but three of the five of majority of his picks voted to contest the november election. Three of the picks willie did so and did so after the insurrection. Let's remember the official vote right after the rioters breached capital. We had hours worth of violence. So it's a pretty clear signal here from republican leader mccarthy as to which direction he wants to take these hearings and insurance. Two of the members there didn't do that. They didn't vote to decertify. They did go along with the democratic process. And the joe biden was indeed elected president. But the other three. Jim jordan as we know is one of former president. Trump's most vocal defenders and has willing to say blatant untruth order to defend the former president. He's closely aligned himself with it. And we know that he's still speaks to the former president frequently whether trump is in mar-a-lago or bedminster here so there's no sense that the house speaker pelosi will object to these picks But we certainly will learn more in next day..

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