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On the sports later accident for liver more now from the Chilton auto body traffic desk supported me in the right lane east five eighty near the truck scales traffic is backing up to the four Vasko road and that lots of protest activity VTA is by re routing multiple lines through downtown San Jose as is San Francisco muny especially along Market Street the redwood city Caltrain station is close in Fremont police say the intersection of capitol Avenue in Pasay padre parkway is blocked that was about ten minutes ago and AC transit is making some detours around and hilltop mall as well as downtown Oakland out of San Francisco that seizing someone's north one one heavy from Vermont street to the bay bridge you're listening to a mark Willard bailable now on to name dot com through your smartphone or desktop NPR sports leader traffic is sponsored by napa auto parts with thousands of locally owned napa stores across the nation chances are that wherever you call home they do too so whether you stop by your local napa auto parts store the napa auto care center or visit them online you can count on that but with all the nasty stuff in the air these days isn't it time to make good nasal.

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