Rutger Hauer discussed on The Projection Booth Podcast - Special Report: The Running Man (1987)


Underground people though he doesn't necessarily know about the underground he doesn't believe in these people he doesn't believe in their cause and when they escape from this prison scenario it is really see a guys wouldn't want a media he is justifying going about his way but the system won't let him escape and get away that easy and that prison set up is i mean that's where we are really first introduced to the science fiction elements of the store yes we get that prologue that a red at the beginning we get a little bit of sifi in so far as the radars a little bit more advanced than we would typically think when he is there firing are supposed to fire on these people having of this food riot but really when we get to the prison i mean we've seen these explosive collars that they have and other things like wedlock comes out a few years after this the rutger hauer film of course they're used like crazy am battle royale which is another great people hunting people tight movie but the this element of them and especially the element of the guy who's trying to turn off those sensors and the one guy who's running across in their desperately trying and i thought for sure that he was gonna make it and when he doesn't end the color explodes in his head just pops off fantastic i love that moment that is what does great ultraviolent moments of really kind of steady sets the stage for what we're gonna see in the rest of this movie a use of cold peaks and exploding exploiting to bosses on colas as long as will go on a date to lineage doesn't it i mean you've got evil cycle lucia full cheese road twenty seventy the new glassy eyed as that have exploding recyclets.

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