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Most part and each other ways probably because we have had and continue so much communication but also because we have the time invested in the relationship and also because we're paying attention. We're not perfect this but in general we work very hard not to take the other for granted and we work very hard to show our appreciation for each other when we do something. It is a rare moment when one of us does something and instead of it being appreciated. It's a you don't pissed me off. And i don't like this. Why did you do that. That's super super rare And i think ultimately it regardless of which side of the slash. We're on we want the other to feel good to be happy to be whole feature. Behold jesus behold unhealthy. Don't words and so what we do. Most of the time is in service of that so the acts of service we do for one. Another are really acts of service for the relationship Yes it's for the individual to help the individual but it's also to help the relationship me putting away laundry even though it's your job because i know you're exhausted and i know that you're you know catnapping and i know we got busy and you forgot it was even there. Yes i know that helps you out as daddy and jamie and that makes a little bit of your life easier but it also moves everything forward so we've got clean clothes and things are ready to go and you can move onto an whatever the next thing is on your list and not have to and that and that is also how i think of it. This isn't a conscious thought. I'm having in moment. I'm not sitting there looking at the laundry in the dryer going. You know we'll if i do. This does this relationship and this for him. And that's this is all split second stuff that when i come back and look at it i go. Oh this is what. I see that it does and understanding what pass acts of service taking care of each other. Whatever you wanna call it have done may have meant and what they can do for us informs the next time that comes up so there are times we'll both be bone tired and just ready to be done and yet if we see an opportunity to help the other we will take that opportunity because ultimately that small inconvenience in the moments is worth it for the long term health of the relationship and that is beyond the dynamic it. Is you talk about all the time having a strong foundation of any relationship in certainly power exchange. It's why god forbid if the power change went away. Can't imagine him putting the relationship underneath is solid enough and steady enough and strong enough that we're gonna move forward right. I mean regardless. I hate to tell you. They're changing my head..

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