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Winners will be notified by phone. You have to answer the phone toe actually pick up that $1000 But we give away just about $1000 just about every hour between 5 20 the morning is 6 20 at night. Right here on K. If I also want to mention this, we told you about this shooting and potential bombs that were detonated at this clinic in Buffalo, Minnesota. Authorities now say five patients were wounded in that attack and were taken to hospitals, the governor saying. Improvised explosive devices were part of the attack. But he did not say whether any word detonated. We had a report last hour, at least that they did go off. Now he's kind of walking that back. But definitely people shot there and somebody taken into custody 40 miles northwest of Minneapolis. This morning. Netflix has the new Docuseries that's coming out tomorrow, and it's called Crime scene, which looks at the The infamous locations when it comes to contemporary crimes that we've all heard about, and the first season is called the Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel, and it concentrates mostly on the death of ELISA Lam, who not too long ago. 2013. She's 21 years old. Ended up in the water tank, one of the water tanks on the roof of the hotel. After like you said, the video came out. It was surveillance video that showed her It looked like arguing with somebody in the hallway as she ran into the elevator, and then it looks like the elevator doesn't work. There was a few days later that her body was found. You know, when did the hotel doctor the video evidence Because it didn't want murder on its hands. There was somebody with the hotel involves. These were all theories that grew legs during this time. Amy Price was the former general manager of the Cecil Hotel during the time of ELISA Lamb's disappearance. You think people imagine when they picture the manager of the sea sold her town. Well, Unfortunately,.

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