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Melissa call Ross KCBS tensions are growing between P. Jeannie and the federal government they're battling over whether a taxpayer funded agency should be allowed to stake a claim on a thirteen billion dollars settlement covering most of the losses from wildfires blamed on P. Jeannie equipment FEMA blasted P. Jeannie and the fire victims lawyers for negotiating a deal that could put the government in the untenable position of trying to take back money from people while they're still trying to rebuild P. Jeannie says there is a sharp increase in scam phone calls threatening to shut off power to customers unless they pay up KCBS is Bob Butler says it's all a scam it works like this you get a phone call and the person says your bill is overdue pay up or your power will be cut in the north bank we have seen more than double the amount of the scammers have definitely been seeing an increased all across the bay area PGA and these two and a contrast says it's pretty sophisticated cameras are using P. Jeannie and are changing the caller ID somehow for P. Jeannie number to pop up so people are thinking that it is P. Jeannie but obviously we're not going to demand immediate payment over going to shut off your power so beware if you received a call where somebody is asking you for your account number any personal information especially credit card number it's not PGA any you should report immediately to the credit card company or the bank and to law enforcement Bob Buttler KCBS a Hercules high school student is believed to have made a threat against the school yesterday Hercules police say the threat came in at five AM apparent told police that her daughter had seen a Snapchat video of a person holding an A. R. fifteen style gun and the post saying that Hercules high school students should avoid the school on the thirteenth the boys suspected of posting the video was identified through his sapped Snapchat account name police went to the boy's home and learned that he and his family were out of state an investigation is under way coming up on KCBS I'm carried a sec why the forty Niners Packers match up is the hottest game ticket to get your hands on this is currently the most in demand and its C. championship game that we've ever seen our let's check your traffic this morning it's Tuesday time is to eighty KCBS and here's Frank Munich well for now were down to talking about road work rather than accidents or stroll this is well as changed requirements in the Sierra this traffic report sponsored by the extension temporal scanner for monitor we have those three left lanes cold off for road work on the lower deck of the bay bridge eastbound eighty from the San Francisco anchorage into the tunnel that work scheduled until six this morning but of course of those cones can be picked up earlier the nap of the slow traffic we had been seen heading out of the city by the bay have now dissipated chain requirements Oppy in the Sierra we have chains required on the highway fifty between Kerr birds and Myers AT between Baxter in Truckee and eighty eight between cook station and pickets juncture as predicted a brutal cold.

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