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About 3500 years ago a pharaoh died amenhotep was wrapped tightly in perfect linens and mummified and nobody knew what was under those linens That is until now This mummy is very special It's the only mummy that has never been unwrapped in modern times Doctor sahar saleem is a radiologist at Cairo university in part of the Egyptian mummy project Doctor selene put the pharaohs mummy through a CT scanner to find out just what he looked like without having to unwrap all that delicate cloth There were 30 amulets in between the wrapping and also insight And also the king was wearing a wonderful belt made of 34 gold beads But the real surprise was his teeth I looked at the teeth of the other kings and queens Most of them they had dead teeth but it was amazing that a lot of the king had nice maybe he had a good hygiene Doctor Salim says these ancient remains offer some insights for our own time They are like a time capsule We can know their health condition The teeth hygiene the ancient diseases that they had These are all important for our modern understanding of the natural history of diseases Our modern understanding of civilization Which for doctor Salim is the point Doing this work is a blessing It has the joy of unwrapping a Christmas gift Although in this case she got the gift without unwrapping it This is NPR news This is doubly NYC coming up today on O'Brien layer show linguist professor John mcwhorter digs into the history of swear words and why they hold so much power Plus New Yorker writer jelani Cobb talked about the 1968 kerner commission report and why those findings overlook then remain relevant today That's this morning at ten on 93.9 FM 20 43 right now actually 44 in cloudy in the city going up to 50 WNYC supporters include New Jersey theater alliance live theater is back all across New Jersey their opening night opening right campaign is a pledge by all member theaters to protect the health and safety of all who come through their doors Learn more at.

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