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In front of the program says accident fifth and state not letting traffic through the intersection. Thank you for that crash on nine hundred sixty six south in midvale. Couple of lanes are blocked all directions, but traffic seems to be getting through so far. Let's see what else we have crash nine thousand nine hundred west twelfth south this is up in Weaver county. And if you see something I wanna share it with everybody, even text it to us three three nine eight six celebrate spring with a big hail. Yes. Scott HALE, plumbing, heating, and air cleans mainline pipes for forty nine dollars, including camera inspection or take a one hundred dollars off the three hundred dollar repair. Call two six four hail. Boehner candidate number three doing normal things that normal people do even people of color. There are two stories here longer. Police department has launched an internal affairs investigation after an officer detained a black man cleaning up trash how dare outside of his own home outside of his own house boulder officer saw man sitting in a par- partially enclosed patio area behind a property private property sign. He asked the man if he was allowed to be there. And the man said, I work and live in this building. He gave the officer his school identification card. The officer detained the man to investigate further and made a request over the radio for additional assistance indicating the man was uncooperative and unwilling to put down a blunt object several other officers and a supervisor responded to the call they found the man was holding a device that was used to pick up trash they determined the man had a right to be on the property and this story a Michigan man claims. Three white women falsely accused him various crimes for months to keep him away from a public park in what he says is a case of gardening while black Mark people's says in a lawsuit filed last week that the trio repeatedly made bogus calls to the Detroit. Police department about him through two thousand seventeen and eighteen over a community garden that he built in the park the women tried to get him incarcerated or seriously injured by the law enforcement because they wanted control of hunt part, they told cops. What's that Mr. people's had stolen from homes near the park? Threatened to burn down their homes across from the park and said he would kill them. Their claims resulted in him being charged with three counts of stalking. But the case was dismissed. People's and his attorney described what happened as a case of gardening while black amazing Boehner candidate number three. Doing normal things that normal people do while black being a person of color. Let's review the first two and vote a voter candidate number one. It's a rash. American Airlines apologizing isn't that nice of them after kicking a mother and her baby off a flight because the mother had a dry skin condition. Boater candidate number two. This iceberg looks like an easy chair and the tourist lady sat on it and was immediately swept out to sea while sitting on this ice piece of ice and Boehner candidate number three doing normal things that normal people do even people of color..

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