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With that the one and only the late great marvin gaye such a joy to meet him and get a chance to talk to him thank you both hanan for that comes jason nelson this song is called forever it's on v three from the people stationed v three sunday morning praise in full effect in my name is larry tinsley atlanta georgia thank you so much for putting up with my fifty year stories i appreciate you so much for that this morning when i came in and my producer colletion lock it in radar handed me my mail there was a card inside from a lady by the name of regina bryant ma steel georgia and the car it is so special it's just a joy with somebody takes the time out to go and buy a car to send to you that really touches your heart and makes you feel so special and to regina thank you so much with god i want to share it with my audience if you don't mind is success takes perseverance ambition passion courage heart humor and talent and she says mr tens meet you have you have the mall you've proven you've got.

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