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No come on an yeah no kobe being here i hope we will get him on oscar sunday i think he's gonna win add there and that was kind of a buzz from everybody in his category you know he's nominated for best animated short and some of the other people who've been working on their films for years and have been there like were were all just here to congratulate kobe bryant so i agree i kinda worked at allfirst yeah the buzz them send your right to beni he's actually the favorite now for basketball so i actually got i just going to link to all those short so i can't wait to die throws i feel for it stuff in the moment copyright technical oppressed answers what it is what once we actually see these were going to be good to go yes or no knows fun day would you about forty five of them including brian fogel who directed a courageous which is you know he says it's not a sports film it's a geopolitical thriller it's available now and that folks have you want to watch it it's you know it's movie starts out he's trying to use steroids to show that you can slide under the radar from the international doping agencies as he's competing in competitive cycling in what ultimately happens is he uncovers that the russians have been supporting athletes using steroids for decades now in olympic competition and that's why you see the russians out of this year's winter olympics he doesn't call a sports movie even though it set in the world of sport so yeah i got to interview him at the luncheon and in last night for a special qna as well as my first lion's den for sinophile so i'll be sharing that with you guys probably next week self yeah yeah big big day i mean i've rachel marcin nominated for cinematography first woman to be nominated in that category for mud bound she's going up against roger deakins who was nominated 14times this year for blade runner and has never won that's an interesting race a lot of people are keeping their eyes on so yeah i.

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