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Please return my phone calls. But yeah, that that was it was a sweet moment for cows guy this week. I also have a. What say do? We talk about about Karl. Yeah. Exactly Karl Anthony towns having a hyphenated first name, and how rare that is just in the world in general, it's hyphenated last name happened. But like the man the man has a hyphenated first name, and I feel like we as a society don't talk about that enough. I don't know much. Just like who else? Do you know there's John Claude van Damme, and like that's pretty much all I can think of off the top of my head the only other person Mary Kate Olsen. Yeah. Mary Kate Olsen. That's a pretty good one cow. They go. That's right out of my ass. Yeah. Yeah. That was good. So was watching parent trap on the weekends. No. That's the that's the other one talk about whatever you're gonna talk about. I'm gonna go. I'm gonna affect you talk about. Go check go. Check out your hyphenated names. Fall guy the week for me. And this is sometimes. Yes. Of course, the Olson family the top dogs. They thought of everything fall guy the week, Dan Hurley, I don't know if you saw this or anyone else saw this. But someone tweeted this at me, and then it made me go look back at this game. But SMU played the Yukon huskies, Dan Hurley's huskies. And Dan Hurley wants his team to take charges and way to prove that in to show that to a team to take charge of on. But like by himself, basically, he Tyler Polly of SMU falls out of bounds. Dan, Hurley gets in the way of him takes the charge to the chest goes down makes the assistant coaches pick him up as if he is a player, and then a lot of Asia at the time at the time. No one really knew like if that's exactly what he was doing. But it was kind of like did he just try to take charge? And then after the game he brought it up himself to say that he had to take a charge show his team what he was like if I'm willing to take charge. They gotta be willing to take charge. So Dan Hurley again continues to insert himself into the actual play of the game. And we're we're about I'd say about three months away right around like nine and three months ago because we're already January. But by the time we get around conference play. He's gonna do Jason Kidd. I situation you know, what I mean where he gets a player to bump into him gets is on the floor hit Dan Hurley will do whatever it takes a win these basketball games for Yukon think if you're Yukon appreciate it, but boys at a lot. It's a lot. I mean, either man's taking charges off real players in the game. Getting in the way while wearing dress shoes and assu. So all guy the week. I just thought. Tumbling. Is. I mean, how many more years of this like how so say you Congo's twenty one and twelve this year that that might be that might be. I mean, what are they they're ten and seven right now. Yeah. That might be a little what would you what's going on over there? All right. I'm sorry. I thought Mike was down watching the replays. Just laughing at dinner. So let's say you kinda like a meet, and so they're they're not great this year. Let's say next year they're mediocre as well. How many years are you fans not not gonna give them to be convinced?.

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