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It's apparent to me three incidents he's conveniently in a different location and this is this is definitely him trying to make it look like accidents I think after that point the I really believe you and I were protected really virtually protect your nine very I felt that from the very beginning with all the kids change color if that's how he wants us to think of him he left his next victim in Salem Oregon my next victim was a hooker I'd used weeks earlier I summoned her on the CD she had a rain coat on we went through the normal procedure I felt so much power I told her she was going to die slowly strangled her and dropped her off behind GI Joes in Salem against the fence under the blackberry vines and covered her Wesley I do and I I believe in the physical signs he didn't physically desert with he abusive man yeah in a different way is if you set of emotionally he was abusive like controlling the money and controlling her thank you feel hearing together about the story she told you about the fires he knew about you knew about the fires about one fire I did not know about the bears or about the other fire I didn't put the pieces together like this it like I've had these fragments diesel stories up to paint a picture of one particular thing now I feel like the pieces are coming together painting a bigger picture I had when he had thought that killing us kids that it was towards the latter years never what I have ever thought that it happened as I was a tall you know I didn't go that far back when you look it keeps history the serial killer you have to understand that his murders that we know of took place in a five year period he started killing in nineteen ninety when Melissa was ten and he stopped in ninety five when she was fifteen and that history she shared with her father before he became a serial killer is something that's very difficult for her to process yeah I guess it put somewhat my dad in the box to like he he was a monster for five years now I'm saying he was a monster for many years decades like this yeah the five years is not isolated event there was an escalation were you ever afraid of him.

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