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Podcast for people who can never know enough about history the day was june twenty-fourth nineteen thirty two the siamese political party routes adine or the people's party overthrew the government of king rama the seventh ending seven hundred years of absolute monarchy under the kings of yom the bloodless coup resulted in the introduction of democracy the first constitution of thailand since seventeen eighty two the kingdom of yom or day thailand have been ruled by the secre dynasty beginning with rama. The first who founded the capital city bangkok throughout the nineteenth century much of southeast asia was colonized by the british. French and dutch see wasn't never subjected to colonial rule but rama the fifth who reigned from eighteen sixty eight to nineteen ten set out to modernize the kingdom. He introduced social and governmental reforms that were based on western models. The old ruling families rejected his reforms. But from the mid eighteen eighty s to the early nineteen hundreds rama the fifth overhauled the administration established military conscription abolished slavery and made major changes in the country. The king was committed to modernisation. He was also committed to maintaining thai traditions and independence. He instituted all these reforms that they would save. Sam from the threat of western. Colonialism looked civilized to colonial powers than it would supposedly avoid western invasion rama the fifth son and successor rama. The sixth also worked to modernize the m and welcomed the adoption of some european ideals. His reforms upset members of the aristocracy and nobility as well as groups of progressives and radicals in nineteen twelve a group of military officers conspired to overthrow the king but the plot failed. There is debate over the main causes of the nineteen thirty two revolution but the rise of western educated commoner elites become dissatisfied with politics in. Csm played a significant role in the event rama. The seventh ascended the throne in nineteen twenty five. He created the supreme council of state made up of senior princes who served in previous administrations. They quickly let go of commoners. Who had been appointed in the civil service and military. during rama. the seventh rule returning western educated students grew disillusioned with the status quo in nineteen twenty seven. A small group of military and civilian students gathered in periods with the intent of founding party to bring change to see 'em this group of seven people call themselves the promoters and they decided to stage a coup to end absolute monarchy in the country to achieve this goal. They formed the canal route sedan or people's party. The promoters worked on gathering supporters. Meanwhile seamless facing economic problems. The great depression made it to the country by nineteen thirty. The value of rice see'ums major export fell drastically. Land values also failed so the government had to make a bunch of budget cuts by nineteen thirty two. The people's party was made up of more than one hundred students military officers and non-royal government officials on the morning of june twenty-fourth nineteen thirty two while the king was away from bangkok. The people's party led the coup the promoters seized control of the army as well as post and telegraph offices and they arrested royal officials who were part of the ruling group. Armored vehicles and troops gathered at the throne hall in the royal plaza and one of the promoters read the narrow sadan manifesto declaring the end of absolute monarchy and the establishment of a constitutional state rama. The seventh was playing golf in the south of seattle when he got news of the coup he agreed to the demands for a new constitutional system and by december of that year he had promulgated a new constitution a state council and national assembly established but conflict between the connerotte sadan and the king continued a couple of years after the revolution rama the seventh left for england and in nineteen thirty five he abdicated the throne spending the rest of his life in england though. The coup was a major turning point in history. The next few decades were still characterized by political unrest and roll by military governments each jeffcoat. Hopefully you know a little more about history today than you did yesterday and if you have any suggestions feel free to send them our way. We're at this day at iheartmedia dot com. If you want to send us an e mail you can also hit us up on social media. Where at t. H c podcast. Thanks so much for listening to this show. 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