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A deep dive into america share consciousness. It's wednesday august twenty fifth. Twenty twenty one. That means it's going down tonight going show before we get to. The name is jack. O'brien i got white is on the mountain. I ride and i'm hosting the day. Lease i guys. That is courtesy of mitch wheeler vehement wheeler. Don't get confused with the other ones. And i'm thrilled to be joined as always by my co host mr miles grass. Just got back today down dog that you didn't care frogs gay something changed is sperm is just waste men. I'm gonna get them to pay me. Mccombs valuable now comes valuable now. Okay so kim. June of antitax. Spur being the new gold shutout to kristi yamaguchi main on the discord absurd aka. Those beautiful just two days in a row crushing yamaguchi mine was supposed to be a one dead or alive by bon. Jovi people put together. But hey miles tonight six. Pm nine pm for all those east coast. Ninety dow's where are you going to be. Because i know where i'm going to be i'm going to be live streaming our show an audio visual extravaganza We will riffa ridiculous pictures. tom hanks's pe. Pedicle come up yes our guest. I'm still talking about it will quiz one of you. I'm gonna dress like the biggest. Two thousand douchebag. I could possibly construct using thrift stores ballet and we have special guest. Chris crofton oh. He has a interest relationships to the year. Two thousand that we talk about. And if you can't be there live don't worry Your ticket gets you access to the video on demand. Watch it at your leisure but you have to get a ticket so go to moment house dot com slash the daily zeitgeist. It's tonight Is going to be a blast and anything anything to add miles. No i mean honestly moment house dot com today. These guys don't work. You can't make you get it on demand. Maybe you're hearing this with just enough time to get your ticket so get Maybe you're hearing at the day after. I think you can still get it but okay but come through. Check going to be something that mean. We're not gonna put it on the podcast. You just gotta come see you gotta do. It will miles. We are thrilled to be joined in air. Third seat by my very first. Podcast co host He's a brilliant filmmaker writer actor comedian and podcast. Or of course who co-founded a small beans which the abc club called one of the best podcast networks. And where you can hear a bunch of the talented people who we worked with a cracked hosting shows. He was the head of video at cracks. Start in created. Most of the best videos and podcasts there and was one of the first really great writers. I found when i was working at crack when i was starting that website. He was still just a a mere boy amir lead. He is the brilliant and talented. Michael swat michael aka tom. Hanks's p fetish aka mike. Sometimes people will hate dip shit. Works really whatever. God energy. i'm bathing thank you. So much for that. Incredible intro fabulous to be here. Thanks great tab you. I mean if you remember people who saw the san francisco show no they you. You were here. Oh yeah a little bit of similar commentary on that. We dive deep into the two thousand final year before everything went to crap. Yes oh yeah triggered it all. Who knows i blame for all horizon. So good yeah. We'll even listen to some of the jams from that year. Some of them hold up just whole albums. We're just gonna play whole albums and not speak. Yeah it'll be a lot like congas. Listening tour with that he did at the mercedes benz arena where he just kind of stood there and listen to the album and walked around That's mainly what you'll what you'll be paying for. You guys need is like a girls talk. Collab- of all the ak as as an album cut journeying through thing to listen to girls talk. Hit us up. If you're not doing girl talk on that girls girls girls talk bad. I liked the fishes. That's my favorite band. The jam and the fisher's i i enjoy the needles but they spell it properly forgotten my band michael. We are going to get to know you a little bit better. In a moment. I can tell our listeners. A couple of things. We're talking about We're gonna check in was schools because school has started and much of these united states. So you know kids are bringing cove at home. We'll just look at some stats. We will be shocked and amazed that the fda approval has not turned out to be enough for antibac- sers. I know we really had our joy. Joe binding. here's the moment you've been waiting for. Yeah oh we'll talk about uber successfully duping voters but apparently not the courts will look at that million dollar video game story. Sometimes we fall for some bullshit news stories along with the rest of the mainstream media and the idea that super mario sixty four cartridge sold for one point. Five six million dollars might have might have been all suspect we will look at the takeouts. Chicken sandwich rankings. All of that. Plenty more book. I michael you know. We like to ask our guests. What is something from your search history. All right You ask for it so this is actually my not my last non work related. Search i will say spoiler alert because this could easily spoil your day. This was searched in total earnestness. How far can gums recede before. It's a big problem that's my. That's that's what. I'm out here in the streets. I'll tell you the scary fact. That pops up is that guns. Do not feel so if you need it you know if you ever needed a reason to switch from maybe just inhale tad or touch their with their tongues on this zoom call..

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