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You're both teams is just a change of scenery thing and that's really what this type of a trade is a change of scenery for both guys again turner doesn't check every box he checks a couple you're not going to find every but you're not going to find a player that will check every box for them let's go down the list danilo gallinari from the clippers this guy is so talented ten nba seasons he has played seventy games twice that's a problem the last time he played seventy games in a year was twenty twelve twenty thirteen and if i'm not mistaken mistaken he couldn't even finish that year i believe he blew out his knee at the end of that season and missed the playoffs he only played twenty one games this year for the clippers but if you're the rockets you say you know what we have signed guys and we have traded for guys that have had checkered injury pass look at eric gordon air gordon could not stay on the floor when he was with new orleans since he has joined the rockets that hasn't been an issue he has finished both years with the rockets healthy so maybe you say hey we get them with our training staff we with our medical people and maybe that can change his luck he can shoot threes he's big doesn't move as well but he's big enough and strong enough to where you feel like he can guard big guys especially with the way the game is going now he can get to the rim makes plays for others again he checks some of the boxes might be a little too much like anderson but again change of scenery and jerry west who was basically running that basketball office now he wasn't there when they signed gallon our he came in after gary west is a big reason why they traded blake griffin in these jettison that deal again could be you could say you know what down is not worth it maybe maybe they the rockets have to throw in a second round pick or something like that but again you're getting nothing from anderson nothing he was a non factor or a net negative in the playoffs this year you're just trying to get a little bit better galadari might might do that again this is not ideal.

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