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With known husband killer but he said he knew right away. There was more to the story. They were married six weeks later and continued raising France. Kids plus one more together. Robert Helped francine bring her dream of becoming a nurse into fruition. She graduated from Nursing School as Valedictorian of her class and went on to work as an LPN at several nursing homes a few years after after meeting Robert She spoke with people magazine at the time she was living in a neatly kept sparsely-furnished tract house. In Jackson Michigan Journalist Joya Dila Berto described her voice as girlish and tentative noting that is conveyed a distrust of strangers. People still look at me like they're trying to figure me out. Francine told her. I don't feel like I have to explain myself to anybody and I don't. I don't need pity or sympathy. I'm just an ordinary person but ordinary is far from how other people have described. Francine her widely reported case helped transform public understanding of domestic violence redefining as a crime versus a private affair and spurring the nationwide establishment of battered women shelters which helped pave the way for shelters for other genders to the story gained gained more attention with the release of the burning bed. Book in One thousand nine hundred and the derivative film of the same name in Nineteen eighty-four the intense drama became one of the most revered TV movies of all time reaching more than seventy five million NBC viewers Francine became one a faira faucets most acclaimed roles in response to the film. Mickey's Cousin Betty Phillips Till the Lansing State Journal. Our family has never denied the violence. But if he could have gotten help it would have made a difference. A lot of the things in the movie really did happen but did he deserve to die no. The system failed both of them. Mickey's father Berlin and his brother. Donovan both died by suicide in the years following the fire while Betty did not like the film. She said she hoped it was making a positive impact. Adding I know that it opened a lot of is after decades of working as a nurse and loving her family francine died of complications of pneumonia at age. Sixty nine afterward. Her daughter Nicole who is seven when Mickey tied spoke of her mother's ability you to make people laugh even in times of distress as a kid. You know something is wrong. But you're taught to run and hide. She said adding that she and her siblings do do. Their Dad was on a path to kill them. You just have to listen and cry. Mom was strong. We never went hungry. Never went without anything we needed needed. I believe she did it to save his kids and herself. She changed so many lives changed the lives of people we will never know musicians to who were impacted by Francine story which inspired Martina McBride's hit Song Independence Day in Nineteen eighty-five singer-songwriter Lyn. Hardy had made a commitment to not perform any of the old time murder ballads detailing violence against women instead. She decided to write a song in which a woman murdered her abuser. A friend alerted her to the Francine Hughes case and she was baffled. By how closely matched earlier ix she completed the song a Smithsonian Folk Song America Anthology selection with Donna Hiebert. It's called the ballot a Francine Hughes use. My name is Francine Hughes. I'll tell you will come. Listen to my story. I'll try to okay from crying. I'm murdered my husband own. It goes on to depict the night. Francine burned the family family home with Mickey inside the trial and the verdict ending with a message about the many cases of abuse and differently. Really given me my all liberty. Thank you said me free. But every eighteen seconds of Woman's beaten just like me and every day in in court another batter goes free today. Research shows that a woman is beaten or assaulted every every nine seconds. This has been murder minutes for true crime anytime. Download the murder minute APP or follow us on Instagram at murder minute..

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