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And work what I'm alumni. I haven't left here since Friday Friday. I went to Dagestanis. Which a grocery store one what I meant besides that I went to a grocery store a couple of times and like the Geoghegan store but other than that. I haven't left that. Yeah I don't know my buddy went on a run like two days ago. Mike. Don't do that again. I know you're not GonNa buy the whole supposedly allowing K. The group spider is still going to work. I want to wring his fucking neck. He's just Louis Crazy that you're still that people still going to work. Same crave either not take it seriously. He gets home every night. He's not that serious Brillo like. He's just he's annoying. Adamy so it's like I feel like he's going to get it not near people still at our office. Who It's like a. Pete is been there or one of the tech guys and then whoever needs to be on radio so I think large was in. I don't know if he was in today though but they didn't radio big catchy radio from his home radios all remote with. There's only three home kits that we have for the whole stations. I think Dave has one big cat has one in. Kfc has one but other than that like somebody has to be in studio host the show and then other people can call in to them. He's that's before they changed the whole schedule yesterday or today. I mean that's not great. Yeah really bad. Whatever doing essentially staying bed until about three o'clock when I get hungry for the first time and I go I go make some food and I'm working the whole time and I'm watching. I watched almost every Matthew mcconaughey ROM com that he made when he before he became a really good actor. So I've nail all those down and then thank God. I got the best decision I ever made in my entire life. Hands Down was Friday before all the real crazy shit like before we really knew going to be locked in here forever. The last eight a really go outside. I bought a PS four. And it'll be the show and I just have played that more than I've ever played any video game my lights. It's such a good game. I've never I've always been xbox. Xbox broke in the apartment so I was just like fuck it. Get Emily to show. Now play nonstop. We're I think we're GONNA do leagues or there's probably in a few leagues but Dallas. I signed. He's going to do one for starting nine. I Know Pat Light wants to do on. You guys have ps four. I've XBOX XBOX which I've been trying I don't know how to use it like literally George. I've trying to play call. George Kill today's.

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