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Weeks Kenton county here in the Cincinnati area shutting down and so our Jefferson County schools in Louisville another one total coronavirus deaths in the U. S. now at least forty the latest reported being the first fatality in Kansas a man in his seventies total U. S. cases now at least thirteen hundred Major League Baseball pro basketball hockey and soccer suspending their season's NBA Dallas Mavericks owner mark Cuban answers a question on many workers mines when they're affected by such mass cancellations will compensate them in advance even if the games might be played in the future will still compensate them now so they can pay their bills and we'll do that for a renowned ploys for the mavs games and four hourly employees that work for the Mavericks that might not get those hours American Airlines confirms one of its pilots has tested positive for cove in nineteen the airline saying its chief medical officer he's been in touch with the pilot based out of Dallas fort worth it is believed the risk of transmission to passengers from the pilot years low a source familiar with the matter says a pilot he is recovering well around like stone chucks Iverson ABC news now the latest traffic and weather together no major delays on the interstates tonight you will run into a few delays though on seventy one north throughout the overnight hours is there working on guard rails between ridge and Stuart northbound side of seventy one and they'll be closing down some lanes around tonight otherwise all clear now the latest forecast from the train heating and cooling weather center on news radio seven hundred WLW expect rain through the rest of the night some of that could be on the severe side and then after that wake up Friday morning with a low of forty five mostly cloudy but eventually those clouds will clear up we'll see some mostly sunny skies.

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