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I mean, they said they're going to spend $250 million to hire a bunch of talented people and they're trying to hire 50% more females. So if I were a talented female in the gaming industry, I might consider that assuming they have fixed some of the culture problems, which I think they genuinely are trying to. That's a pretty, that's a pretty good amount of money that might interest folks in the industry to go work there. I mean, money speaks. I think people are very popular franchises that people grew up playing that want to work on. I think people want to work on games that will see the light of day. And I don't think there's any guarantee of that Activision Blizzard at all. No one wants to go work on the next on the next Call of Duty, like changing two things on the map. I don't think that's what excites you in the ministry. You know it's going to come out. So it's just so hard with Activision because I'm kind of with Jeff where it's like I just feel like at any moment they could turn it around. There's just so many assets there and so many things they could do pretty easily and fairly painlessly that would we be having a much different conversation. So it's for me, it's kind of hard to let go of the ship. Your insights spot on, but it's the point I'm trying to make, which is, it's such an easy fix. Change the people at the top who don't understand or who are not equipped to guide the ship through the current issues. They're not equipped. Bobby's not the innovation guy. Bobby's not the gaming guy. Bobby, to your point, is the Wall Street guy capital allocator guy. That's not what fixes this. That's who I was running my company. If I own a stock, he's the guy who's taking it from effectively. I think it was 80 cents when he took over to $65. The S&P over 20 years. Warren Buffett type capital allocation. He's not going to make his way out of play. He was right on he was right on mobile, I don't know, there were early on subscriptions. I will tell you now because I've been spectacularly right up until this point. This just get the Activision Blizzard story gets uglier and uglier over the next 12 months. Fair. So what's the endgame? What happens to the shareholders get fed up? Bobby's pushed out nicely, right? He's retiring. He's got his billions, you know, he's going to sail the world on his boat. I don't know, right? There's a nice sort of gentle push that gets Bobby out of the way, and they bring in a CEO like Satya Nadella style, someone a bit younger, someone a bit more innovation driven that can steer this ship and actually get games out the door, fundamentally..

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