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State say enough is enough comas pete combs reports they want changes in the state's gun laws before the next mass shooting from the white house monday presidential spokeswoman sarah sanders said this is the moment to talk about gun control there's a time and place for a political debate now now is the time to nine as a country for washington attorney general bob ferguson wonders when at the time that right fergus was pushing for tighter gun control laws long before the las vegas shooting calling the ongoing series of masscasualty incidents in this country a crisis and tacoma state representative origin goods agrees i am at a wheel where i really appreciate polk pratt modern though norman numbers by god i have now worked with editor of the gun mag dot com says i know we've got a hold criminals responsible for what they do but at the same time we can't was everybody else won't all i ever pete combs komo news komo news time is now 438 while the humanitarian crisis in puerto rico unfolds people rallied in seattle wednesday demanding congress step up its recovery efforts to weeks after hurricane maria much of the island is still without power the group wants congress to send more aid to help with recovery and rebuild king sergio salinas says they also want to make sure puerto rico was seventy two billion dollar public debt doesn't stop anyone from getting help we believe that with the recall right now needs more help these eight and the and the dead needs to be the rally was part of a broader day of action across the country raising awareness for the crisis in puerto rico komo news time is now 439 another bikini barista stand has been hit by robbers this time and can't a barista says a car pulled up money morning monday morning in a man inside for bottled water as well women approached the window with a gun she grabbed cash from the register them took off police are now trying to figure out of the cases connected to a.

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