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The phone gps now i had my phone your phone i owned it and the whole nine yards right fact that makes the judge said it doesn't it was doesn't matter if it's a phone or a gps right the handheld device i wonder what defines in your hand as well i mean if you're really going to get particular if you have people try to fight it but that that it was laying next to them and they were just maneuvering is they were each handling it but the judge wasn't by it was a state state law it wasn't a township law any new jersey state well they wanted the money that's all linda thanks for your call and of course now instead you see people looking down at the time because they don't want to be spotted with the phone in their hands and they put it in their lap more distract and that's more dangerous though because the law in a sense is dangerous in that unless you're complying and many don't right you're you're taking your eyes more away from the road and the whole point of the law is so that your eyes don't leave the road and this has just become such an addiction for people and everybody gets mad at the other guy for doing it but it seems like everybody does it because you're feeling like well you're the one who could handle it but that jackass over there he's going to cross the yellow line and come at me head on everybody else sucks right exactly brian jackson your new jersey one on one point five hey guys how you doing okay i heard this i was actually talking on the phone short com comedy other way i had ordered a pizza dinner this guy wanted but earlier in the day sure my console of my truck i had an old cellphone right now i don't know probably the fastest thank you get in my life yeah i mean why phones between the konczal no upside down and he said you're on your phone no sorry i wasn't you know i saw you on your phone you had a career i said no i had my hands up by my son and my head i was just reading my head on my here he goes no you call me i should start here's my phone and handed him the phone i just turn it on check the call lot it's fun i you can't turn it on eight thousand work the batteries dead wow you just look like you're out of here he in the truck and then the phone rang the real one i imagine brian thanks for calling new jersey one oh one point five steve trevelise everybody is talking about this and when everybody's talking about it we are talking about it on new jersey one point five monday.

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