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First thing Jimi Hendrix remembered after blacking out was his face in he'd been on stage for eight minutes eight minutes then it was over his strategy stage floor-length balloons body follow. Gravity grabbed hold of his body and just get heart face. Meet hardwood straight down the greedy handful of sleeping pills. He had taken earlier that afternoon. Didn't WanNa let go. They hung off his eyelids sat. On top of his reign made it hard to close job drooled out of out of his mouth. He struggled to open. One of his is another with dust and dirt vibrating on the stage floor with each stop. Mitch Mitchell made on his base trump. You felt like a bull rider. Rode the beast for eight minutes. Before he was ceremoniously thrown off. He made it right. Shit bull riders went on for eight seconds ninety minutes by that logic he was a bull rider and then saw sixty seconds per minute beat minutes. He was a bull rider times over that logic. Workout right couple of guys that Jimmy didn't recognize roadies perhaps stagehands had picked up the SUMP dover body dragging him by the armpits on the stage. The bullfighter dressed in red being ushered to safety away from the bulk. Jimmy's case couldn't escape the bull. Moose inside him coursing through his veins. Four thousand strong in our House Denmark. Watching the show were shocked. But you be sudden departure in exactly how he'd departed. He was there he hit the deck was gone. Some in the audience seen their fair share of Shit shows. But this cake they were shocked with also pissed. Understandably may get a full refund. Jimmy hadn't slept for days. He was stuffed up stuck in that agonizing limbo state of catching a cold and coming down with something more serious in addition whatever. He was catching his head was full of stress. And worry the crack of Michael Jeffries. Bulwark the love child. The son quest the Tarot cards and Morocco the crushing feeling of imminent death the inability to feel like he had found what he was looking for that he had yet to become when he was supposed to be the nonstop touring. He didn't know where he'd been the day before. Never mind re be the next day. Michael Jeffrey Book. The stretch issues. The Isle of White Stockholm Denmark Copenhagen. Germany was next. The BILLS FOR ELECTRIC LADY. Land Studios were continuing to pile up the debts. Bode becoming Nadia and more worrisome. And they need cash. Jeffrey needed Jimmy to do his thing to do it. Well to collect that money move on the next day just a few days before Billy Cox been dosed that Steve. For the first time and had a rough trip he would ramble like a crazy person. Not Say God damn thing at the same time. There is a reason why so many people kept far away from LSD. And this was why because it wouldn't let some people go. It would become a part of you forever inside you just when you forgot it was there it will rear. Its dorm head for billy getting dosed with lead conspiracy theories anxiety and paranoia. Remnants refused to go away. It's horrifying watch. Guy was so grounded all over the place unclogged. Jimmy guided through helped him come down out to mcelhinney took a lot out of him. He's hanging on by a threat. Jimmy didn't know he could do it. She could go on right now. Being dragged off stage near lifeless by a couple of random do-gooders. He could barely assemble a complete thought in his head could barely sing. A couplet. Could really tell you where the fuck you was obviously couldn't hold a guitar. Gravity at won that battle. Kirsten nefer was waiting for Jimmy backstage. Our House he met with the Danish model during his stay at the Alawite Festival only a few days earlier like other women gravitated towards. Kirsten was someone he wanted to spend all of his spare time with talk. Hang meat up backstage and take their conversation somewhere more private. He gave her a tour schedule and arrange for her to be around. She was in the dressing room in our house before he took the stage. When you're taking all those pills was talking incoherently. His Paranoia was cranked up to eleven us. Taking a page from billy. Cox's book thought the response and his entourage. He was scared that Michael Jeffrey would rather see him dead. They continue down musical bath and he didn't team commercial. He was of two minds here and they're all wants get clear. The mob scene of dressing room then quickly changed his mind and asked them all to come back after the show. Kirsten Gut Jimmy back to his room at the Hotel Atlantic. Another woman was waiting there for but a turned out to be a journalist. Not Lover and born tow was waiting to interview for an article. She was writing for a Norwegian newspaper. He must letter in earlier. Maybe Jeffrey he couldn't be so sure. He threw himself on the couch clutching his head. Pounded felt like the way to the world could stop thinking about even the baby Diana and the baby and now billy was losing shit clearly Hughes Losing Shittu pills glasses clear liquid. He had knocked back told himself. It was just water to make himself feel better about it but if it really was water it was eighty fodder watered and burn like that. Going down the back of your throat. He had to keep his eyes closed. He'd be gone forever. Lights out yet reached the point of no return and he sat on it teetering. Just one. Lean away from being over into complete. Total Darcus Helmuth. To an existential void right here in a hotel room in Denmark. Jimmy unloaded on the journalists. He talked music and mortality quoted. Children's books went on about planets and stars and drugs. She talked about the death card that clervoy pulled on Morocco. I'm not sure a live to be twenty eight years old. He told her bluntly just months away from that particular milestone. What was the point of it all? It was literally in the cards. Jimi Hendrix is foretold death. What was the point of all this running around all this worrying? Why not just collapse onstage? Why not just close your eyes on a couch just a few days time? However Jimmy's wilt live with kickback. In a camp that basic human response to clear and present danger Jimmy would find himself in a helicopter narrowly avoiding wrath armed angry. Hells angels on a small German island. And he'd be glad he was alive. We'll be right back after this were were were. Today's episode is brought to you in part by Amazon photos. A lifetime photos can be a lot to organize on your phone from baby's first steps to first day of school holidays birthdays last year's vacation to celebrating. Mother's Day Amazon photos helps you backup. Organiz print and relive your memories. Amazon photos offers free unlimited full resolution. 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Chow slate return and then the stage hammers their flagging them. Down Arms Flam. He answered them down. The back of the stairs at the stage directed them to helicopter. The engines already fired out the blades making mental Jimmy. Mitch Mitchell Billy Cox were directed to the choppers open door. Mitch held onto the over sized top. That he was wearing senator wooden away. The excess of the handkerchief tied around Jimmy's forehead flap wild behind him the urgency in the moment help even if no one had given the band specific details. The hells angels were rushing stage. Fights were breaking out in the crowd who knew opinions coming is needed to get cow. Ride that chopper back to Hamburg..

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