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I'm just GONNA I'm just GONNA bring up my scanner enter. Because I think this'll be an easier way to talk through it so the key chain says you have to understand. Is that if you participated in a you feel test prior so if you already earned the elite heck south on for those of you listening at home. That don't have visual aid. I'm showing the field tests. Heck's athlon elite meddle in my scanner alongside the regular just bring dealer field tests on metal so originally when they announced perpetual series for field. Tests are sorry heck's athlons the way that the metal was going to work is that you would get the perpetual actual metal and if you placed in the top ten percent at any of the sites in at least one of the six categories. Do it also get the elites excel on metal which was going to be re purposed from the field test so it's going to be the same artwork. It was just going to be a renamed badge in your scanner so technically speaking. If you had already earns the elite medal from the field tests you would have that metal. It would just be renamed to say elite hex excellent what has changed in the recent update. Is that rather than reuse the existing metal that metal is going to stay unchanged in your scanner or if you already earned it in September and then going forward for the perpetual series. Possibly the series beyond that you'll be able to earn a participation medal so so that's the first tier which is what the gold medal is that we have available through the social media for perpetual. And then if you place in the top ten percent for any of the six categories you can then cheer up that participation medal to the Elliott version so just like any other challenge metal when you open it in the scanner. You'll see. Oh I got the initial participation badge but then I also level it up to the status now is that your top ten in the The area or the place that you are at the heck's athlon or specific site that registered. So I wore as I have to beat everybody to get in the top ten percent of all the people at Warriors for one of the six challenges so you can actually get elite status in multiple challenges not area so out of the six things that are going on that day. You just need to get top ten percent and one of them so really top. Ten percent of people at that site is the top ten four six different things in at least one of the criteria arterial. So I've got a picture of my my stats from September but a godly elite hexagon metal by getting elite status in three out of the six categories. I think I had like artifacts collected glimp- hacks in one other thing I think like originators deployed as my top ten percent and I can total. We have two hundred and twenty people registered for the Rhode Island Phil Test in September. Only about one hundred seventy of them showed up so there is actually a a lot of dead space on the bottom of the leaderboard for people that were just all zeroes in terms of stats. So don't know if they're gonNA filter those out somehow going forward but it's if you're dedicated to trying to get elite the best strategy that I can offer you is after you get the minimum's among six categories knocked off and you have earned the participation medal focus on one thing that you believe. You can do extraordinarily well and every five minutes. If it works the same way you'll be able to go into the APP through the Ticketing system so you the main menu events then you can pull up the ticket for that site and you can actually in your web browser refresh every five minutes to see what your stats are live. So you'll be able to see the scoreboard where your placement is is whether you have elite status at any of the categories or if you're falling above or below the average and that makes a lot more sense because when I first looked at it I was thinking it was just top ten percent at the site. And that's like that's going to really cut that make that badge hard to get but now if you're looking at top to are those six different areas theoretically could be looking at fifty percent of the people maybe somewhere in that area Getting that elite status this if everybody goes their own way it was a little bit of a push definitely one thing that I noticed from the September site that I went to was that most of your people that had leaked one category had it in several other categories so like I ended up I don't know an hour and fifteen minutes into to the ninety minutes a deadline to get all the achievements done. I think I had elite status in five categories but then I started focusing on just ensuring and I couldn't get knocked out of place in anything so just went really hard core on getting artifacts collected and then I kind of lost elite status and a few other categories as but stayed very close so I think it was still like top fifteen twenty percent and a few other things. See and you're you're smart. I was stupid I thought when I saw Lee come up next to one I was like okay good I got it and then thought it was done like I had elite. Then you know He didn't keep it. But you had it right right so it's not a First one to get it. It's it's overall scored so you might take the one that you're thinking that you want to try to get elite for and save that for your last thing. I mean if you can do a little bit along the way whatever ever but then at the end just keep their and just until the end of the event just keep you on at that one to the very end now. Did this kind of breath make people want to be more individualistic or did it kind of dissuade people from team play from what I saw. There was a lot of team play. And it may have been people not caring or not knowing the rules completely but There was one agent that was actually riding with me for most of the time because she had a injuring. And we both have our trekker one at that. And we both got out and these two guys actually Said Oh we'll do it and like grabbed her and pick her up and just start running around with her to tell her get the team play their right. It was extraordinary ordinary and it was like awesome and we still didn't make it because of that bug and then luckily they gave badge later so that that was get But yeah so there was teamwork there. I don't know otherwise I don't know what did you see me so I kind of went into it trying to gather as much information as I could about what style is going to be from the sites that went ahead of the US. So I kinda cheated a little bit and did my homework and figured out like okay. Here's what they were doing over in Asia Asia. Here's what they were doing in Europe So knew what the will we all knew. What the categories we're GonNa be we at meteoric facts? MAS deployed glitz points Portal hacks resumes has deployed and The walked but I kind of knew that it was going to be an individual type. Play style I carpooled with a a bunch of agents up and then we kind of decided that this was going to be an event where we would treat. It's sort of like an anomaly. In the fact that you're going to be on footwear possible. We had a couple of people Carter assessing the event but it definitely leaned more towards. If you're able to get out on foot and participate that way. It was a little bit of a benefit so I did see need both factions where there were groups of friends that were kind of going through the event as a team quote unquote making sure that they could choke off all the boxes and then we did have a wide array of people that were just going there as individuals so my strategy throughout the the Rhode Island Heck's half on was pretty much going through and they had a map that you could view so as soon as you have the media instruction that Kinda told you like. Here's your task list. What you have to do from the registration portal had a math? That was tied into it. It showed you are all artifacts portals. Were and alert enough in Rhode Island. I I guess whoever at night was making the maps must've been bored or they're just trying to hide an Easter eggs but the media artifact portals in Rhode Island were laid out in art pattern so box that we had it was kind of like. Oh here's media portal. Here's you know artefacts sorry media artifacts thing in my mind So those were lay the big ring so my strategy was just to play like how I normally play so doing pretty much all six the criteria. But I'm going to just loop the artifact portals as much as I can so every time I came up to artifact portal. I globe packed it. If if it had opened mudslides I was tossing the heat sink on glitz hacking again tossing a heat sink cliff acting again. The resistance were continuously blowing it up or x is care so I mean it worked because I got fourth place in artifacts so yeah and I could see this being better editor for those people that are not quote unquote team players. You know if you if you own you wanna I just WANNA play. I don't WanNa have the people and Anomaly spelling not much but in this case you you could enjoy yourself and you never have to talk to anybody anybody. Yeah I think during the first one I kind of felt like. I think there's a lot of other stuff going on too but it really felt like oh man. They're like trying due to kind of get rid of the faction love like they want more cross faction and now. It's like single play but I I've kind of I started feeling kind of like what you're saying do J. Like it's just another way to play ingress so I think it is good to have another offering. Yes in the stuff that we're seeing for the people that are quote Unquote Advertising Their Upcoming Hath Lawns. They're saying hey we've got other events we're doing this we're doing in this. We're doing this. I think they recognize that it could be kind of a lone wolf type event. But we're going to put stuff out there so that you get that faction love so that she can you know meet greet tells people and have something to do as a t. Yeah only so I the sorry. I'm interrupting go for it. But I hate to put it in perspective but from somebody that is in the point of view where most anomalies I'm either a captain. A captain plus doing some sort of organizational role for the faction have a lot of responsibility anomalies. Typically the the field tester like first Saturday type events are Kinda like the event that I can go to and I'm like I have no stress. I can just go in the game and completely have have fun not to say that I don't have fun anomalies. But it's kind of like anomaly as more structured and more okay. Here's what we're going to do by the books and it can take the anomaly. Play style I love and I can toss it into a heck sappho event and just have a lot of fun with it without having the pressure of winning losing or any of that so personally. That's why I like it. I just want to toss out there that I do believe that. The People at my antic doc do here the concern about this kind of since that things are moving away from faction versus faction playing going more for like player versus environment environments. I don't think that that is the message that they're trying to send right now. Even though it does come across our way with some of the events we've had so like we should get more faction versus faction. Were definitely from the band. Our point of view saying this is what the players want so they are hearing that boys always come on up here. We'll give you some facts. This point aren't area at this point. I'm ready for team rocket to invade because it's just like like all green here and it's it gets boring you know and and so I would love for new players to to come play but it's like a lady I work with is is turned out to be resistance. But she doesn't really place who's doing it for Kokomo go endeavors. But her friends were our resistance. To and there's there's three of them and when she told them she worked with me they're like Ethin- Gooney guy like aww like following around like do I was gonNA suggest. Now I can't do it. I was GONNA suggest that we meet in Tupelo Mississippi for for Saturday coming up. Because that's that's kind of kind of close to you but unfortunately I I got roped into a couple of other things on Saturday so I'm going to have to pull a rain check on that one. I loved it on that one but well are..

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