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Well I mentioned we have some boots on the ground eyeballs out in the field and that is Ben Hollings head is with us right now. He is Grandma's with the folks from key coop. Ben Your work in central Iowa. Let's get a quick update on how things are going into the ground? I would imagine we're pretty much done. Corn and soybeans in your neck of the woods. Aren't we YEP I? We're pretty well wrapped up in fact I'd say most the most of the crops around here pretty well coming out of the ground. We're often running in fact We're already starting to make preparations for post emerge spring here when the weather starts to cooperate a little bit. So so it's really. It's been one for the record books. That's for sure now. Now Ben is in the shadow of the farm. Progress show grounds right there in central Iowa and we had some rain here over the last three or four days. Ben So kind of tell me a rain you picked up in different geographies. You serve well right here. This topic aims. You know there was probably about eight tenths of an inch of rain but then if you go to the West a few miles there was a little heavier band where you can see a little bit of ponding and some spots right there. Right as I drive by the farm progress show There was a little heavier band arraigned and And then then if you go a little bit farther to the east the northeast. There was another band aid. So it's your typical spring Body spotty showers. Where if you just happen into end up getting lucky it got a little heavier heavier amounts and but all in all it was very muchly needed rain. Yeah Hey Ben Andy. You mentioned One for the record books For for good reasons this time right. Well I tell you when you can when you can talk to a lot of the older farmers in there like boy man we. We don't know we've ever been done this early with planting and then to have it come out of the ground like this You know. Obviously we could use a little more heat. Now we're getting ready to which root systems in the corn. And it's going to be looking for some nitrogen and it Kinda want some heat here so Hope hopefully that'll become well. That's what I was. GonNa ask you stand wise Emergence Wise. What have you been seen in your scouting? You know the the the corn crop it was it was so dry early that There there are some differences. I don't know what the stand is. We we'd probably had stronger stance that have initially came out of the ground. But at least here on the moines low you know Prairie pothole type soil. We've got ourselves a year where we're not missing any ponds and When When you get when you get that sort of situation whenever acres growing something on on these soils at least boy. There's a lot of potential out there Yeah and Would imagine that's got got some some providing I guess some reasons for hope here despite what else is going on well. It's definitely a whole lot better than it was the a year ago. The situation You know it was just You know about this time a year ago. It think about it we were. We were basically rained out for a month and There was this a lot of A lot of operational plus treats going on so this We definitely feel a whole lot more on our on our toes this year the knocked back on our heels like last year a Ben. How's the ALFALFA looking well? This cool weather as definitely slowed some of that up A lot of my. Hey guys I you know it. It might not be the biggest first cutting At the just because we've had enough cool weather and then that that dry period in their Kinda slow things down but all in all. It's it's coming along good. I would imagine some guys that are going to start thinking about Putting that First cutting down as soon as as soon as it looks like we're GonNa have ourselves a another dry stretch so any bugs hitting the bugs hit me on not not at this point. Not at this point yet Nothing nothing too bad You know you just. You just never know with bugs. I I saw some guys. They're already talking about last year with the soybeans. You know we have this. Whole caterpillars flew in from the south. And and start a little talk about that. Obviously we don't quite know what's GonNa Happen there yet but So far So far so good. It's your nothing that's that's going to To hurt anything yet but You always gotTa have your happier Thinking hat on and and be ready for anything. Yeah and in fact last year. I think we had a couple of generations of fissile caterpillar. We did we did. It was You know guys that have been growing soybeans for a long time they They go back and they're like you know it's white beans there's there's always there's always something that's either apis or now the fissile caterpillars or are nematode problems. Or or you know you could go on and on some guys go all the way back to the spider mite days back in eighty so yeah. I remember walking through soybean fields and coming out feel like I've been coded with honey so I can. I can identify with that. Hey Ben thanks talking to a little bit today we'll let you go It'd be be careful out there you bet. Thanks for having me about that is Ben links had been is The grandmas stint centralized or out of Kelly is a key. Co-op out of Kelly are boots on the ground balls out in the field today. Well if you're just joining us on the big show Andy wants to know where you been for last hour and fifteen minutes. We're just kidding you here. We we've been talking a lot about this corona virus food assistance program. We're GONNA talk more about that coming up Basically though the assistance program some details rolled out to the biggest detail rolled out today. Is that sign up? Starts on May Twenty Six. Fsa offices so sign up starts on Tuesday. And I will quote the president. He said payments will come within one week. So we'll talk more about that and also markets ahead here on the big show..

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