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So this is a true story because you keep cutting back to the rail people telling their versions of the story this something of good time in just the level of ship bungling incompetents involved in the heist. But I think the thing that I liked was that it the phone. Mm-hmm. Does know when to tip over into something quite horrible because in order to do the heist they have to, they have to in there was they have to deal with the librarian and the whole thing about it's possible to pull off a crime without anybody. You know, getting her the is suddenly realize what it is that they've got themselves into in the film does. It's like watching a car crash in slow motion in which you're hearing people recounting the events slightly a poll by the by their own actions and by their by their. You know, at one point, you know th there is some teaser shed, but also it's kind of the, the actual high ceilings is very tense, but it's the, it's the Milia. It's the sense of the characters being being become d- being adrift offending that they, they need something to make their lives special, and they can't figure out what it is and somehow not fully at affiliates rightfully a catcher. It's the group of them who taught. Themselves into doing something, which is the funny at cantor, well, what it means, but how does that well, you don't have fully do that. Something that two people do that one person wouldn't do, but it's the combination of the two of them that do. I mean is that there's a group of four that they, they also talk. They all. Together end up doing something that all individually they would, you know they wouldn't and shouldn't do. I mean, I thought it worked. It worked rather well because it takes the sort of the the flatness, the drabness, the unexceptional ity of their individuals, and then it shows you how they literally are trying to do something that will make them special. And like I said, it's like it is like watching a car crash in slow motion and what I like about it is that there are things that I'll disturbing along with that. You know, that thing of sometimes you, you see a movie, which is about like teenage AD nation in which you can you describe as like looking a scene through a call window as if as if you're one removed, there's a strange sense of remove rouses, very haunting film, very haunting. Very odd, very strange. It's called American animals. Jesse Franco in American animals film is about what confused kids do when trying to escape boredom, which is sort of what we were saying in that review, the harsh consequences that can await those decisions in the vein of movies like goat Palo Alto, and even Broadway's American idiot paints a picture of suburban life. A young adults has been constrictive and overbearing, an incubator holding everyone's ambitions, regrets and dreams of escape the struck by the moving. So he's just read that that is a very good phrase, an incubator holding in everyone's ambitions, regrets and dreams of escape. The structure of the movie allows us to view the story from not only the director's perspective, but also from those who. Who lived it and make those awful choices before our screening at Sundance direct bought Layton said in joy, isn't the right word for movie like this, but do your best. That's yeah, that that that sounds like bought lighten. You wouldn't have to try to hard to be completely caught up in this tragic shocking and altogether enjoyable story. It's may BBC. Don't cut it UK ten to four see what we can squeeze into a loss, ten minutes puzzle, which again is very odd, but actually this case for other enchanting movie by tobe who directed calls behaving badly. This is based on an award-winning Argentinean film from two thousand nine by Natalia Smirnoff, which I confess I haven't seen or at least if I have seen it..

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