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Be talking about those rumors of antonio contact going to talk them hot spell start with you gills any new developments since yesterday on this news. Talk of of continued today k. Between you onto new content. He's agent everybody involved in the progressing word. I think they're getting closer to finding an agreement on the length of the contract wages the staff etc all the details that you have to before announcing manager bae looked skin closer and closer to new content. To become the new tottenham manager. We're just gonna flag up something that they may not. The top. tanya levy did say last month in the search where manager he said we need to select someone whose values reflect those of our great club and return to play football with the style for which were known free flowing attacking and entertaining whilst continuing to embrace our desire to see young players flourish from our academy alongside experienced talent craig. It'll be great to get your thoughts on whether you think contact is the right fit for a club like spurs. I think this is a marriage. Made inhale really. Do i tell you why. Not because antonio conte's very very good coach because he is but he has one of the most demanding patient managers and european football at the moment he e successful. Bree kicks in screams and the public. Boss aegis these just es super high maintenance and he doesn't think the is getting what he wants. Then it's a box much. Probably even more so than josiah marine your so unless spas are going to do a full three sixty and start becoming this big-spending tottenham. I don't see how this marriage of what happens is going to loss because that squad needs an overhaul is going to compete with the real big boys in england never mind europe and that's going to take a little money on top of that you've got the hurricane scenario. So i i really. Yeah i mean i can understand tottenham going forum but i don't understand from his perspective what he thinks he's gonna once he gets his in. The door of sayings is manager. Because i just see frustration after frustration after frustration. And i don't know what the boy's thing i just don't see this working all franks nothing away. Why nothing frank. Because i mean the choice of county simply doesn't match with mr levy comments. He wants to use the money to make that club better. Wear remember why county wants to leave. Want to leave intel million. Because he didn't have the money to buy players elax to buy players talented players experienced player and he doesn't give a stuff about two young players in the academy is not thought he thought is to win. The the the premier league. If he signed for tottenham or maybe the champions league after if they qualified it doesn't care about a long term project. He wants big money. Big players which is not the case for tottenham. They don't have the money. Cain wants to leave. So if cain stays how are they going to get the money to buy other players eat makes simply no sense whatsoever to to go. Four for county for

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