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I mean, I remember, you know, when I was when when jersey all pro was around, or or even, you know, right after that that like there was real war between promoters and not like like the type of war that like we can't do storylines here. Because there is we are trying to sabotage these other shows behind the scenes, we're trying to do a lot like when you go out there. And like you're going to other people who primarily do shows in the New York, New jersey, Connecticut Philly area. Are you kinda surprised that they're not like, oh, no your arrival promoted? We're not gonna we're not gonna put you on a show that they're like, no come do a great match. I think in jersey New York, we've got so used to people just running so much. We don't have a lot of that. But let's just say Pennsylvania Philly area. There's some of that going on. On there's some of that going on in the mid west right now the Chicago area when people are telling their performers you can't wrestle here. I just read that. Yeah. There's things there's things like that happening in you know, there's some New England. I'm aware of where you know, if you work one place, you may not work for the other is unfortunate, you know. And but there's also it's not so black and white where it's like all we should be allowed to work everywhere. And it's also not black and white where you know, the promoter should have the ability to to tell you what they want to tell you. But there's a way we can all work it out. Yeah. Early and not just be. But unfortunately, a lot of places don't think the way that I do or you know, because because in a way when I first started I kind of thought that way with a lot of things not. So why get the the business end of it where you're like. Well, we're trying to get people even if it's not about, you know, being vindictive about another promotion there is that side where you're going what we're trying to get people to pay take. It's to see the people performing at these shows if you're performing it every other show in the area, you know, what good is it do if I put you on the poster if they just saw you a hundred percent in the same thing with storylines if you start someone on these. Really, you know, there's some great promotions out there. There's there's like a I w and Blackley pro and AWS there's all these a great place beyond all the stuff. They have a lot of great storylines. So if you can't commit to month after month because you're taking all these booking somewhere that does throw a wrench into their things. And a lot of times performer doesn't value that they don't put enough thought into Oman. I'm really affecting this promoters vision. So that becomes an issue. There also becomes an issue. I've ran into things before where you know, you run a show in the same night. And someone's like, hey, can I do both shows, and you gotta work your cart around where total on second match. They can go on innovation there. And I'm flexible with that. But I've noticed most places aren't as organized, and they may not be that becomes initially. And you take it out on the talent. And then more things happened. So, you know, independent wrestling is not perfect. It's still rough. It's still incredibly difficult to get out there. But you know, it it. It's just the way it is. It's it's unfortunate. Have you had any matches lately that you're like, oh man that was an incredible match. And then go I wish I'd die. Russell pro. There's been mad. So I'm learning. I'm just learning that every single independent. Wrestling promotion is different that every single crowd expects like there's some times where I went in. There's imaginative recently where I thought it was a good match told to hate saying tell a story when people say that. But like it just it why. Because I feel like it's so cliche. Tell stories. What does that mean? Right. You know, when people are like what we were trying to tell a story in the ring. What story was it? And then they can't tell you what the story was. Yeah. And work in someone's arm to me is that really a story you just right arm for a little bit..

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