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I have a helmet dan there's a helmet in my hand oh it's all black but it's got writing on it it says the find bucket all right so you guys death so you get instant death or whatever's in the find bucket which is like was argued are stronger you can't put them on baghdad ram like how much money is in their 30s box and there's easy stuff yet it's a sort of the grid he get thirty three thirty dollars it's a free thirty on this on this man man who die immediately forty says a 'cause there's forty dollars in there but arnold to get the art institute at the box it's all mine anyways twenty of it is i believe meena twenty is an eaten 20dollarbill from meena watts although i have twenty dollars i got the chargers the chargers i have selected the chargers they are red hot but they're going chief that the enemy in this is no time game detected off at arrowhead isn't the liwa that no you to withdraw i put that back he noted me close it's built rivers you know all that didn't have been good though here for awhile arctic at the panthers are going against aaron rodgers all no oh donald budget at this point here or did yeah billy what are you call and let's go on hiv facing up right now the color that is facing up his red which means you're safe black is you die.

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