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It could be worse, Michael, because you could be out of a possible 511th. Participants, I was 428. Oh no. Yeah. Did you have Nikita Mazepin in your tank? Possibly. Probably you had Zach Brown. I had probably make sure who did I have. I don't think I've changed my mind in a little bit, 'cause I thought it was mine was a lucky, consistent team. I felt confident. But you know, there are people who tipped better than me and are better. So who do I have? I had say this is what's confusing. So I've got Ferrari in my thing, yeah. So that's okay. Pierre gasly. Fernando Alonso. Lando Norris. Surgery Perry's. That's very boss ass. Oh yeah, exactly. So how have I and how are there 427 others? That have just asked, I don't think that was a bad team. So much time, I'm not going to even go there. I'm not going to even change it, such as the team or confident with. Well, let me tell you what doctor Marco's dad Jane's house just for reference. He's team was Ferrari, same game. He's turbo driver was Carlos Sainz. That's good. Alex Albon. He didn't score points. Crash? No, I'm not very good. Sebastian Vettel, he scored some point. Why has he got points in this game? He didn't do that well. This is rigged. This is mega driver though as Max Verstappen. So he's got a lot of bonus points. In fact, all the top the top 6 this week all use the mega driver, which gets you triple points, I think, off the top of my head. Okay. So there you go. Overall, I'm currently ranked 354 out of 511, which means we are 182 short of the magic number. So get joining. And we'll check back next week on film in the beginning. Neutral. Couple more things to touch on before we wrap this one up. One is Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton on Friday was.

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