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A lot of that with with entertainers. Not just musicians kevin pollak it ahead your writers. Are you name yeah. 'cause kevin pollock did a whole documentary where he talked to comedians about the there need to be loved and in is you know and the the pain of that in the drive if they've had And i think that's in a lot of ways the crew. There is a lot of pain. You pay for creative and that sounds like a cliche. But i think there's a reason why it's cliche. Don't you think can absolutely You know that that's true. It is a shame but there's about art and and trauma yes absolutely. I mean look so. Many of our greatest artists are are trying to right themselves out of a problem. They'll never saw you know. The world of literature is ashley. Oct- with those You know it's cetera. it's It's it's one of the great truisms it's a cliche but it's also a truism right About that world so I think we can see that. You know so then you ask yourself what is right. What is a guy like george harrison. Trying to right himself out when he has so much So much working for him right in terms of upbringing and he doesn't seem to have any psychological trauma and yet he writes these songs that are so affecting and when you when you look at his story well it's right there in his early twenties right. He's the biggest band of all time. And you know the biggest band of all time and and yet. He's the third banana right to the two biggest bananas. In the history of songwriting certainly commercial popular saad righted. What oh what a place. What a world you know. That's going on so yeah. There is a documentary on the eagles. And they talked about that. When you don henley and glenn fry singing lead that it was hard to get another like you weren't going to give lead to couple the other like mandy meister and had some and others because you've got to such strong. You know lead vocalist. You've got harass. You know you've got harrison but you know you've got lennon mccartney which many people would rank as among the greatest songwriters of all times right in no matter what genre much less rock and roll and you share a little bit about that. Early georgia's songwriting. Problem wasn't up to their level but he was trying and getting better and later it showed he did have that muse. Similar today ours isn't it..

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