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Very dependent on location, depending the needs of that location and the surrounding community. Can you talk a little bit more about that? And maybe give us some examples? Yeah, I would love Teo. You know any time that we go into a new community we actually do. A community needs assessment so we could get a good handle on what are the health conditions of that particular community? What services are they lacking in? And what could we do to actually enhance the outcomes? And and create a better quality of life for the people that live in the community. And a perfect example of that is when we entered into Cowley to county and one of the things in our research, we figured out was that in Cowley to county, 18% of the people wake up every day. And Phil Phil lost. Phil depressed Phil Fila's if there's really no reason to get out of bed today, so we started doing a little bit more in depth research, and we found out that mental health services We're not not offered to the extent that they should, with a community the size of Calvi to county. So so, with that in mind, we also knew that because the are general pipe patient populations are Uninsured or underinsured. They would even have mohr access problems to seeking behavioral health services. So when we went into that office, one of the things that we provided was behavioral health services, so along with our primary care services, which we must provide the comprehensive primary care services, we provided those behavioral health services. The other thing that we do is and this is really across the board of all of our community health centers access to affordable medic medications has been a been a tremendous problem with people all across the country. And one of the things that we recognized is that if we started our own in House pharmacy, we could provide medications to our patients cheaper. Than what they could get anywhere else. Cheaper than even the $3 of the $4 you could get a walmart or some of these targets or these other places, which is exactly what we did. But we enhance that toe also incorporate a Mel order program for patients that can't can't get out of their house. They can't leave. There's a number of our communities that that there's only one in every three household where they have transportation. So if we can't get the service or the medication to them, they're not going to receive it. So these are sort of the things that we do. We look in depth..

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