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But I think you do channel judge. With you. Ted. Is you really do think that trying to convince yourself that Steve is the guy for her works? Where are you. They're so drunk. I can't. They're like. I'm so guarded and she's like, put a ring on it. Let's go. What your question for Kelly Bridget. Yes. My question is for Bridget Kay. I'm Bridget. What did you think of Jackson Britney getting engaged? And if asked, what song would you think at their wedding. So glad you asked there. So. Got engaged because I think that she's the only one that can sorta understand him. And if I were to sing at their wedding, which I might, I would probably sink put your dick awaits and original song written by Bridget Everett. Let's go to Valerie from Charlotte. Hey, Valerie, which question. Hey, Kelly sore faded it beyond Kelly win Stanford, and it was on watch what happens live. It sounded like she really didn't like the new girl. What do you think of them? Who would Shannon was on lives? She she was kind of into like any of the new girls out for. But she shouldn't. Awesome. And how do you feel about the new girls? I liked the new girls do I do. I like them. I mean, girls right me. You weren't girl, but I'm like, I like the new girls are nice and they're fun. I, I don't know. I like them the great. Okay, good. That makes me. Let's go to. We'll actually Donna j from Virginia wants Kelly. How's your mom and your relationship with her? Now, my mom is great. He's an era Zona see lives there and just doing great. Okay. It's game time. Rundgren constantly walks the line between comedy and tragedy, Sanford clubhouse playhouse. We are going to do the conic scene from the quiet woman guys wanna throw these on with the twist. Kelly is gonna play Shannon and Bridget is gonna play Kelly. Okay. Why don't you guys head on over to the bar? And I love it. Okay, canary good. Okay. Head on over there to the bar. You don't want. To see you here. Why would you be surprised to see me here? I live down the street. Are so incredibly cruel. You can look at the apple or the gloves, whatever. Get the glass house phone, Kelly. You have been put it. This person really, really, really. Okay. We'll move on. Good night..

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