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I've say when I grew up I was very conservative. I think my first presidential election. I voted for Mike Huckabee. I believe that was my first president might have might have been second. But I think it was the first one who I voted for and now my after going to war and my time in the Marine Corps. My basic political philosophy is I don't give a fuck what you do is. As you don't like hurt somebody else like that's my main political philosophy. So we are definitely shaped by our experiences for sure, but you've had a very interesting life, not just in the Marine Corps. But before it, and you had to tweet the other day that talked about how you would have three different people play you in a row because I think that's always a fun game. Especially when you think about combat like me, if I had to pick somebody to play me, I think I would do before Tom green would be what one of mine for sure. You're probably Jack black now that I'm a little fatter. And then I like to think of my Marine Corps days. Just somebody like really attractive like Justin Timberlake to put it on their take. That would be good. But you had a really good when I wanna walk through. Why you thought these were your people your people are your young life prior to be an marinas? Chris Pratt wise that well if you've ever been a fan of arts and rent this character on that show as one I think of when I think of Chris Pratt long before star Lord radio that and that was a lot me always wanna make people laugh icon was lost them a home world, honestly, assault things as they affected me. Not anyone around me. But I had a good heart. And I was nice to people. So I think that character really reminds me of where I was before the marine or kind of found me and showed me how could be it's not that was kind of funny in honestly, these three guys specifically, I look out to allied Callen carry themselves in and out of movies alike. Whether talking to speak publicly allowed respect they have for people, and they seem to have a great time when there. Family and in that kind of thing really resonates with me security. Gotta ask you. If it was fat. Chris Pratt or in shape. Chris pratt. Probably more chubby Spratt Zalis Chevy played football on a little bit more Chevy. Did. Okay. Let's go to a second one in the Marine Corps after boot camp. You had Ryan Reynolds. Yeah. So you know, you go through boot camp, and you come out on your side. And you think you're God's gift to women. And that's Ryan Reynolds kinda comes in most roles. These had he had this kind of draw sarcasm, but it always works really well with women for better or worse. I did. Well, with the ladies I could see that dude with the southern draw and I could see getting out of camp throw it on the dress blues in just crushing it. You know, I tell people in probably this is the burst of done it in a media outlet. So I'll find out if it has a battery question about fall time. Now learn how to speak the crowds do public speaking in just networking connect with people by being one of one hundred thousand jar heads that kind of look the same dress the same in the military. Based in being one of hundred thousand hit on that waitress or right or did it go to go out with me? So I learned like many gotta really learn how to connect with somebody in separate yourself in a learn that by hitting on girls, the be honest with you, that's how learn this. And sometimes successful most of the time probably not. But but I appreciate that about Ron Reynolds. He definitely has charm that comes across thing that at least thought to have when I was in the wrinkle. So let's talk about while we're in your Marinko. Let's talk about what happened whenever you were injured because of people that are just listened to the podcast. They don't know you you are double amputee. Can you kind of explain what what happened to to lead you to where you're at now? Yeah. Absolutely lost. Both my legs above the knee in a bomb blast in Afghanistan. Back in two thousand ten and that time working as a Neo de check in explosive ordinance disposal or Bonte in my path..

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