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B u y does everybody have stuck with running for president in a can you not seen it for said way i'm tomorrow i'm going to run from my local school board and i'm going to sit on the board of governors of my school or i'm going to run for man or i'm going to run for at in a in a district tony ones that run for something small ice how it goes you didn't after the president oprah 2020 but that seems to be how it has to work that because people said a thinking of great we've got a compelling story we got a great narrative here we've got a brand recognition honors think we perhaps what we need now is somebody who's worked knows how things work and understand perhaps the finer points to the constitution maybe that would be what we should be looking for such a such a stickler if it does zorin maurya jeffrey what do you make it i mean it it seems i guess what one of the count port possibly to terry's point there would be well hang on we're talking 2020 we don't have time to find somebody out there and the democrat still seemed to be struggling to find certainly on a national stage any likely voices who couldn't really galvanized the policy galvanized the left or center of the political ground so they kind of being com the painting himself into a corner where they have to go for a onestrike person could appropriate hey even ivanka praised her after speech at the golden globes vonk is on your side boy i unmistakable listening to that speech that it was a political speech that even though the cadence the repetition of certain phrases their time is up she was a sounded like she was on the campaign stump and i think netflix right she has a ready constituency people would vote for i remember seeing a michael moore the provocative document or on tv shortly after the trump election and say why can't democrats find better people to run why not why don't they run okay.

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