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Responsible for the death of a local transgender woman is heading to prison it'll be eighteen to forty five years behind bars for antone Simmons. He learned his fate in court today Simmons convicted of crimes in connection with the death of transgender woman. Kelly sto this was back in December Simmons rob stone near mcnichols and brush taking her purse while she was walking during that robbery Simmons struck sto- in the head several times killing her the old Packard plant bridge. It's gone for good details on that w w j as Lauren Barth old contractors have been working since Tuesday afternoon when the pedestrian bridge over East Grand boulevard came crashing down. They spend hours separating the remaining structure from the adjacent buildings and removing debris. Twenty-eight samples sent out for a specis testing came back negative that portion of East Grand boulevard is now reopened Lauren Berthold, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty. We have. Fiat Chrysler recall to tell you about that company says it needs to fix any electrical problem on roughly one hundred eighty thousand two thousand nineteen ram pickup trucks. It can knock out the power steering. There have been no reports of crashes or injuries at this time ram owners should take their trucks back to the dealer and get that problem fixed. Meantime, the Canadian Auto Workers union is demanding Americans and Canadians to stop buying General Motors. Vehicles made in Mexico uniform says it will be publicly boycotting in multiple media outlets. The United Auto Workers union. Meantime, has not joined this comes after GM announced plans in November two close one Canadian and for American plants governor Gretchen Whitmer expected to endorse a sales tax shift at the gas pump to put all that money into the roads w w j Lansing bureau chief Tim scuba reports. GOP leaders appear to be on board with the idea looks like there could be a by. Partisan agreement on part of a road fix package. That would include using all of the sales tax now collected at the gas pump that goes to schools, and redirect all of it about six hundred seventy five million bucks into the roads. House speaker Lee Chatfield was also asked about the governor's talk about a fee hike. Do not think the Republican caucus will get behind a out of the gate, but I will tell you this all options need to be on the table when we are talking about funding are rose, and we will have an attempt to find consensus and ensure that whatever we do as a responsible plan for the taxpayers state. The governor outlines her road.

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