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806 368686 We're in the process of connecting with the GM of the biggest gold knights Kelly McCrimmon. Talking hockey. Yes, Baseball is getting in the way I have thoughts on the star of the MLB season. Also breaking news that Mike Tyson is going to make a return to the ring. You've seen recent workout videos that went viral were Michael. Great. Apparently he's going to fight. Wait for it. Ray Jones Roy Jones Jr. When I got into it with Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones on radio robot. What a bad idea that was because they were both over the hill. I feel like that was 20 years ago. More on that in a minute, won't talk some hockey right now that we've been talking hockey for the entire first hour, we're joined by the GM of the Vegas Cold nights. He was named GM, effective September 1st 2019 previously served as the assistant GM before joining Vegas. He was the owner, governor, GM and head coach of the Brandon Wheat King's Vegas is in first in the Pacific. Dallas versus Vegas. August 3rd, 6:30 p.m. Eastern Kelly McCrimmon is my guest, Kelly. It's great to have you on before we get into training Camp Kelly and return to hockey. How are you and everybody around you doing right now? During this most unusual time, Kelly Well, definitely unusual times. I think we're at the point now where we're extremely excited. We're close. It looks like it's gonna happen. So we're three days left of training camp, and on Sunday we travel to our hub, which will be In Evanston. And, you know really, when you look back to, I guess, March 11 12 when we went on pause, no one had any idea Ah, what the future held in store and it's really Encouraging that we're at the point now where it looks like we're going to get a place. Um, someplace, right? Kelly McCrimmon my guests. Kelly. I'm curious, given how long you've been around the game and going back to your days as a player when you were growing up and then at the University of Michigan, What has it been like for you to go through a hiatus like this? We've gone so long without hockey. Well, it's uncharted waters. And for today's player, the training is is year round. So it would have been the longest stretch that players around the NHL had ever been off the ice. So even though they Would have had the opportunity to train you know, at their homes or wherever they could make arrangements for them to be off the ice for this long would be really Really different for today's player. We had what they called. These two players could go back on the ice and small groups, which started early in June. So we're fortunate in Las Vegas that our players Almost to a man stayed in town, so it gave us the opportunity to provide some ice and some some training for the players during that period of time leading into training camp. Kelly McCrimmon is my guest. I know that one of the things that you and the organization talked about what the players back in March was. You wanted a team to gain a competitive advantage by how they handled the pause. Can you make an argument that you could actually come out of this thing better than you went into it? Well, I think in some respects Yes, Jim, based on health, so we assume the season went to pause. We're missing. Some key players are our lineup that May may or may not have been ready for playoffs. The original schedule was able to be played, so it's giving us a chance to be completely healthy. I think in terms of The quality of play that I expect to see given all teams jazz to get healthy and ordinarily, when you play 82 regular season games, and then three days later starts the playoffs. Teams are Invariably carrying players into playoffs that have got bumps and bruises from the guy into the regular season. So this is going to be no, I think incredible, unique and that every team, for the most part is going to be fully healthy, Arrested and ready the gold, so we talked about it with players again about taking care of themselves. Holding up their end of the bargain. And, you know, doing what we could to get. Ah, competitive advantage was really happy with what I've seen through camp and, you know, hopefully that positions as well for Our team to play the role Well, when we get home, we're talking Kelly McCrimmon. So a lotto like in that because it is so different, though the schedule had called for 13 days of training camp before heading to admitted on July 26th. Normally, when you have a training camp, then you have pre season and that's followed by a long regular season. So how do you go about approaching training camp? So you're ready to compete right away and hit the ground running? Well, first of all, much smaller, So we had only 30 skaters after ending camp, a weak man, But that would be the size of training camp. So No. Even by the fourth or fifth day way were running one session of Roughly 25 26 gators and you were able to get right into the system. Great Anto, you know, kind of the systems that make up the foundation of your team. In our situation again. Ah, little bit unique and that Peter or our head coach came on board in January. So everything he was implementing at that time was on the fly. This has given him a real good opportunity to have his own training camp and two you're really drill down on the different systems that he wants our team to play, so that part has been You know a little bit of a blessing in our situation. In fact, Kelly to that point you had to make a tough decision and relieve Gerard Collomb of his duties. His head coach, How tough a decision was that for you? And then what do you make of the job that Peter DeBoer has done since he took over? Well, it was really tough decision with with your art, Of course, with the success or team has enjoyed as an expansion team going Tio Stanley Cup finals in year one. We've got really good teams all three years. So that was difficult driving really well liked, well respected by the players, so you know it was difficult for them. And I think what's respect to Peter. He's done a really good job. I think we were 15 and five or something in the 2020 games that he coast. Um Your teams played really well. We were playing really well going into the cause. Obviously, you get to the playoffs. Everybody is playing at a high level. It doesn't Guaranteed that it'll translate but we feel really good about our preparation and really good a vote. The look of our team the make up of our team as we get ready to head into round one, Kelly McCrimmon talking Vegas hockey. Speaking in the makeup of the team, Peyton Krebs was invited to training camp, which got a lot of people excited. He's only 19. But what's it say about him? That you wanted him a camp, which is about preparing for high stakes games? Well, we dropped it Peyton last June, and he at that time was coming off Achilles injury which prevented him from being part of our training camp last September, so This is the first opportunity for us to see a military camp setting in over him to come in and sit in a swell as we have hours with 23 veteran NHL players, I think really speaks Tio. No, his hockey sense and his level of ability. He's made a very good impression..

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