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Be fun to do and i so i wanted to do it the love dr so that that's gonna be fun to see me but let's go way to get into this um again if you guys just like any we get big from on the day we get brand people's here this week in the news brown love eight the bill is going to get the bill ring there's gonna be some church seeing because we probably gonna bills the opposite size a y'all eight six six five one nine nine three three the love eight debate is about the game right now now brian rob porter yup you want to give the background on the store what happened this week uh there were uh you would say allegations but there's evidence so is not really allegations evidence was presented by his exwife's uh that uh he laid hands on them and uh not in the good way in endo it's uh it angers me to be honest with you that to a based on the reporting of the clip that you know she was instructed not say anything for damaging his reputation and his career that is wrong and the fact that this important part of his background kind of felt through the cracks and in that he was in the position that he was in within the white house wealth steffl is unacceptable and general kelly um he offered his resignation to president trump over this over this it gave me we call an oversight now they really offer that he he had a conversation with the president a now offering his resignation um because the but before it gets the president the bucks stocks with general kelly tips though and um you know th this clearly falls on his watch and the fact that that happened the fact that this information that you had a gentleman a now i'm sorry gentleman's not a word for him a man who abused his wives punching them bruising them giving them black eyes he could have done worse this man does not deserve to be in the position they zan he needs to be in anger management he needs to be somewhere where he can get help on controlling these issues instead of being abusive towards when it now pro that donald trump way they and this week uh when he was doing that you're doing a press conference or meeting he was in they will.

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